Top 5 Beaches Near Metro Manila for a Quick Escape
Best Beaches in Zambales

There is no denying that Metro Manila is overcrowded at this point. Cars piling up and honks everywhere, while the heat is trapped by the concrete buildings. Everyone working there definitely needs a break from time to time. How about an escape to the top beaches near Metro Manila?

Top 5 Beaches Near Metro Manila for a Quick Escape

Here are the top 5 beaches near Metro Manila that are only a few hours away to travel:

Top Beaches Near Metro Manila

Isla Verde

Located in the city of Batangas and only 2 hours away from Metro Manila, a lot of people flock here at Isla Verde during the weekends looking to take a break from their desk. Also, there are public boats from the city going to the beach. If you miss it, you can just hire a private boat.

Isla Verde a beach near metro manila
Isla Verde Beach | Photo by Edss Tolentino

The best thing about here is that you can do a lot of things aside from swimming: you can stay in nipa huts, sip locally grown coffee at Tessa Cafe and Restaurant, or explore the island by foot.

Maputing Buhangin (translates to white sand in English) is also one of the known beaches here. Make sure you book a place near it and wait for the sunset. The orange light reflecting on the blue water is a sight to behold.


Another beach near Metro Manila is Laiya from the Batangas province. There are a number of high-end resorts here which can be considered a step-up from typical beach cottages but a step-down for the more adventurous crowd.

Laiya Beach, Batangas
Laiya Beach in front of Les Caraibes Resort, Laiya, Batangas | Photo by Teamjonalynviray under creative commons

A famous activity here is hiring a floating cottage and travel towards at least a kilometer or two from the shore. There, the cottage is both your lunch place and diving stage.

This is a good destination for a weekend road trip with friends. You can also stop by along the city and drink their famous barako coffee and lomi.

Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach is located at the town of Tingloy, the only municipality in Batangas which is separated from Luzon. That means one thing: the town is completely surrounded by water.

Masasa Beach
Masasa Beach | Photo by Edss Tolentino

With the yellow kayaks roaming against the backdrop of white sand and green forest, you already know that this is a paradise in-the-making. No doubt it has been included as one of the top beaches near Metro Manila!

You need to catch a boat from Anila Port to Tingloy port to arrive at the town. For lodging, there are plenty of transient houses and motels to stay at.

Magalawa Island

Traveling within a budget is always a wise move. That is why Magalawa Island in Zambales is a popular destination: it offers the best experiences without the need for a load of cash.

Magalawa Beach
Magalawa Beach | Photo by ignacio malapitan under creative commons

The island looks like an inverted teardrop with the forest tapers down to a short strip of sand. Also, no beach experience is complete without a couple of hearty meals of seafood. The food is affordable which is usually sourced from the local fishermen.

For those who like to camp instead of booking a room, some resorts offer their camping grounds and access to the restroom for a cheap price.

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera has always been famous but the best thing is the town aged well. Tucked away in Mindoro, the place is filled with beaches, golf courses, luxury hotels, and everything that should be included in a good weekend trip. [Check out our list of top things to do in Puerto Galera]

puerto galera

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world and almost all lists that mention beaches and diving includes this place. There is simply nothing bad about this place, except for the fact that you will be only staying here temporarily.

You can snorkel to meet the fishes, dive to experience the depths, and explore to be with the locals. The nightlife here is truly special. Everything feels alive and in rhythm.

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