Beaches in Batangas : 5 Coolest Things to Do in Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach is undeniably one of the best beaches in the province of Batangas. The sunny paradise is located in the Municipality of Tingloy which is only accessible by boat. The island holds many fascinations and wonder that can satisfy everyone’s dream of a tropical adventure. Masasa Beach is just 3 to 4 hours away from Metro Manila that’s why this is a top choice among travelers and beach fanatics. Weekenders and beach lovers flock to this beach to experience its unique charm and sun-filled excitement. The beach is surrounded with green vegetation and with towering palm trees. The turquoise blue water shimmering in a hot afternoon is just mesmerizing to watch. Masasa Beach is undoubtedly the next big tourist spot in the Province of Batangas. [[Check out our list of 18 Best Resorts in Batangas]

5 Coolest Things to Do in Masasa Beach:

The sunrise at the peak of Mt. Mag-Asawang Bato


Mount Mag-Asawang Bato is a great backdrop to the picture perfect beach of Masasa. This is the mountain that you will notice in every wide shot photos of Masasa beach in the internet. Nowadays, locals offer trekking or mountain climbing for tourist who wants to witness the sunset and the sunrise in the summit. The summit is also stunning spot to have a clear view of the whole beach. The trek is ideal for beginners, barkada bonding and for those who want to experience a different kind of fun aside from the beach. The climb may take up to 3 hours depending on your speed. The trail is not that hard but be careful with rough rocks and zig zag paths. The trek cost Php500 including the guide fee. [Read: Statute of Virgin Mary in Montemaria Batangas]
The best time to climb Mt. Mag-Asawang Bato is during early in the morning. The whole view of the beach is just surreal.


The most awesome sea creature!


Masasa Beach is a diver’s paradise. The life underwater is lively and spectacular. Different species of corals and aquatic plants thrive in the tropical water of Masasa. The vibrant colors of fishes and corals are a feast in the eye. One of the main attractions during snorkeling is the surprise appearance of a Green sea turtle. This magnificent creature that feed on sea grasses near the shore. You will not be disappointed by the amazing biodiversity of marine life. If you want to experience scuba diving you can visit Sepoc Island which is just around the corner of Masasa Beach. Sepoc is widely known as a diving spot in the Philippines. [Read: A Diving Resort in Anilao]
Corals and other aquatic life


Sombrero Island


A visit to Masasa Beach is not complete without island hopping. Local boatmen offers island hopping tours in Sombrero Island and Sepoc Island for Php350 per head. They will also take you to small caves with different rock formations which is a popular setting for mermaid themed television shows.  Also, they will take you to the Lagoon with crystal clear water. You can also try cliff jumping during high tide in the lagoon.

Sepoc Island


Just relax and enjoy the moment
The long and wide shoreline of Masasa beach is an awesome playground for beach lovers and sun worshippers. Though, the sand here is not as white like in Boracay and in Palawan but it provides a fantastic sanctuary for a hot afternoon. They allow beach camping anywhere on the beach. You can also lay down your picnic mat and just enjoy your delicious and sumptuous food while staring at the azure horizon. 
The crystal clear water of Masasa Beach


My friends,enjoying the sun-filled afternoon
Masasa Beach has a shallow turquoise water which is perfect of a long period of swimming. The soft sand underneath adds fun and excitement for those who wants to savor the crystal water and cool breeze. The beach is an ideal spot for endless summer days and fun. 
The mesmerizing shore of Masasa


  • Take a bus going to Batangas City. Find a signboard “Calabarzon” for a faster travel time.
  • Alight at Batangas Grand Terminal 


  • There are buses bound for Batangas City in Cubao, LRT- Buendia and Alabang
  • Fare: From Cubao -Php 165; from Buendia- Php 157; from Alabang- Php 127
  • From Batangas Grand Terminal take the jeepney going to Anilao Port. Fare is Php 40
  • From Anilao port take the passenger boat going to Tingloy port. Php 80 to 100 for a one way trip. 
  • When you reach Tingloy port, hire a tricycle going to Masasa Beach. Fare is around Php 60 to 100.
  • There are public boats that go directly to Masasa Beach. Fare is Php100. This is the cheapest and fastest way to go to the beach since you don’t need to rent a tricycle.


Overnight camping is no longer allowed in the beach. You can still pitch your tent during day time but you must leave at around 7pm. Homestay and Transient houses are the most popular choice.

Contact details for transient:
Mark- 0997 996 2627
D’ Mariners- 0927 972 2679

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