Must-Visit 5 Top Beaches in Palawan
Top Tourist Spots in Palawan

Looking at a map, you can see Palawan is at the far, far west side of the Philippines. Its seclusion is the reason why beaches here considered among the best in the country. Take a trip to the largest province in the Philippines and go to these top 5 beaches in Palawan. [Check out our list of the top tourist spots in Palawan]

Must-Visit 5 Top Beaches in Palawan

Top Beaches in Palawan

Nagtabon Beach

We will say it now. This could be our favorite beach yet that we have visited this year. Nagtabon Beach in Puerto Princesa is simply beautiful.

Why? It has the characteristics of a near-perfect beach: not overcrowded with tourists, white sand and deep blue water, towering coconut trees, and the essential amenities. Most importantly, it is accessible by road.

Nagtabon Beach
Nagtabon Beach | Photo by Edss Tolentino

Noted as one of the top beaches in Palawan, Nagtabon Beach is also a surfer’s paradise (fortunately, not famous yet). The locals are friendly with most of them having either a store or a lodging place.

Malcapuya Island

This is more of a nature trip rather than a beach trip. Here you will see are plenty of rock and land formations, dense foliage of trees, and, of course, the untouched beach of Malcapuya Island.

Malcapuya Island
Malcapuya Island | Bigstock Photos

A lot of tourists go trekking at the hills of the island. The view up top seems like a shot from a feel-good film. Everything is clear and natural. Going here is usually just part of an island hopping tour. There is no signal and a couple of restrooms on the island.

Nacpan Beach

The town El Nido seems to be the go-to place for tourists nowadays and Nacpan Beach is its most famous beach.

First thing you will notice is the color of the water. It is opal green with a shiny streak to it and shattered by the constant strong waves. Most tourists go here by renting a motorbike. The travel to the beach is said to be as captivating as the beach itself.

Nacpan Beach
Nacpan Beach | Photo by under creative commons

Shrimp meals are famous here. Stir-fried, steamed, or simply boiled, everyone seems to love it. Also, behind the beach is Calitang beach which can be traveled by walking.

Long Beach

Yes, it is the longest white beach in the Philippines which is measured at 14 kilometers of shoreline.

A top view of the beach looks like a block green, a thin strip of white, and a block of blue. Long Beach in San Vicente — which is called the “next Boracay” — deserves all the recent fame it has. But there are no bars or partying here: only you and the beach. You would want to add Long Beach in your beaches in Palawan bucket list!

There are minimal lodging options on this beach so you can either go back to the town proper or camp overnight here. Standing on the shoreline and gazing through the strip makes you feeling of being lost while “at the right moment.”

Hidden Beach El Nido

Another gem of El Nido is the so-called Hidden Beach. The beach is surrounded by tall rock towers that seem to be still waiting for its first human contact. Once the boat enters the beach, the whole scenario feels like a sci-fi film where hidden creatures lurk in the area.

Make sure to pack food when going here. It is a bare beach with zero amenities. We hope that it stays the same in the coming years.

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