Surfer’s Bliss : A surfing destination in Palawan, Philippines

When you think of a surfing destination, what do you think of? Maybe, Siargao, Baler or La Union. But, what about Nagtabon Beach in Palawan? You heard it right!  There’s a surfing spot in Palawan that can rival the waves in Baler or La union. 
Nagtabon Beach is another traveler’s paradise in the enchanting city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It is Located in the northern west part of Puerto Princesa City facing the West Philippine Sea. The picturesque landscape combined with soft powdery white sand is just impeccable. The beach is also a surfing destination with its wild waves and beautiful blue waters. Locals and foreign surfing enthusiast flock to this beach to experience a different kind of cloud 9 and a tropical atmosphere. It is an ideal sunny delight for adventure seekers and for those who just want to relax and waste their time under the sun filled ambiance of the beach. [Read : Bus Schedule and Fare Rates from Puerto Princesa to El Nido]
The picture-perfect landscape of Nagtabon Beach Palawan,Philippines
Nagtabon Beach is just 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the bustling city of Puerto Princesa.  I was lucky enough to visit Puerto Princesa for my work; I have 2 free days before my flight back to Manila and I would definitely not leave Palawan without hitting any beach.  I asked around for some recommendations and they told me to visit Nagtabon Beach. According to the hotel staff, it is one of the most pristine and quite places to relax near the city. I was even ecstatic when they told me that it was a surfing spot! I am  surprised and amped since I really love surfing. I left early in the morning and headed straight to San Jose Bus Terminal to catch the earliest trip bound for El Nido. I rode an ordinary bus that will pass through Bacungan, the fare is Php30 (USD0.75). Buses and vans that are going north pass through this place, so you can take the bus that is bound for El Nido or Roxas. When I reached Bacungan, I asked if there were tricycle going to Nagtabon. One local offered me PHP200 (USD4) going to the beach. It’s a bit costly but highly recommended because it’s hard to catch a ride in Nagtabon due to its rough and bumpy road. 
Nagtabon Beach; a sun-filled paradise
It’s around 8 in the morning when I reached my destination. The sun was already shedding its light and I can feel the sweet salty air in the area.  I was welcomed by the warmest and honest smile of the locals. I quickly fell in love in this place. The villagers were absolutely nice and friendly, it was like visiting a long lost cousin and I don’t feel like a tourist at all. I can sense the feeling of belongingness and acceptance in the whole area. It is not yet highly commercialized and you can really enjoy the beach with few tourists. 
Nagtabon Beach is not yet a highly commercialized destination in Palawan.
Surf all day, Surf everyday!
Nagtabon beach has a laid-back tropical aura that creates a perfect hideout to release your worries and fears. The mile long powdery sand is an ideal spot to relax and to reflect. The rushing of waves dying to kiss the shore was just fantastic. I sat on the beach for hours looking at those surfers playing around with magnificent waves. I was really eager to try surfing so I rented a board for PHP500 (USD10) including the instructor and I just kept on paddling until I found the perfect wave to ride on. The experience was awe-inspiring and liberating. Being able to stand on the board for just a minute or two was just one of the most memorable and blissful experience I’d ever had. I felt like I was a pro but I really need to learn more about surfing. I continue to dance to the rhythm of the waves for almost 2 hours then I was invited by some tourists and locals that I made friends with to have a drink with them on the shore while waiting for the sun to set.  We were drinking, laughing and just having fun until dawn and I didn’t feel like a stranger. Sometimes when you travel it’s not about the destination, it’s the people that you meet along the way that will make all the difference. 
“Happiness comes in waves”
Surfing is the most popular activity in Nagtabon Beach.
If you’re an ultimate wave junkie you should add Nagtabon Beach on your bucket list. The surf-all day-everyday vibe of this place is super hard to resist.  The tropical, sunny and chillax aura of the beach is just remarkable. Nagtabon Beach is definitely the next destination for wave worshipers.
“life is better when you surf”
“Surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet, a taste of heaven”
How to get to Nagtabon Beach?
  • Book a flight going to Puerto Princesa City. 
  • From the airport take a tricycle going to San Jose Bus Terminal. The fare is about PHP50 to 100 (USD1-2)
  • From San Jose Bus Terminal ride a bus bound for El Nido or Roxas. Make sure to remind the driver to drop you off in Bacungan. All buses that are going to El Nido and Roxas passes to this place. Fare is Php30 (USD75). (There’s a gasoline station on the right side of the road in Bacungan for your reference.)
  • From Bacungan, rent a tricycle going to Nagtabon Beach. Fare is around PHP 150 to 200 (USD 3-4)
  • If you’re daring and adventurous you can rent a motorcycle going to Nagtabon Beach from Puerto Princesa. The price ranges from PHP600 to 1000 (USD12-20).
  • For group travels and family outing there are vans for hire for PHP 3,500, inclusive of a driver and gasoline.
Where to stay?
– Javarez Beach front
– PHP 400 a night.
– Cottages for PHP 300 to 500
– Surf Board for PHP 500 with surfing instructor
– Contact Person: Kelly Javarez (0926 795 9291)
Note from the editor: If you are looking for a more comfortable place to stay in Nagtabon, you can check out Villa Nagtabon. Reviews and Room Rates here.
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  2. Filigans Hotel
  3. Casa Belina
  4. Jungle Beach Resort
  5. Paboreal Boutique Hotel
  6. Best Western Plus Hotel
  7. Go Hotels Puerto Princesa
About the Author:
Edss Tolentino works as a Visual Merchandiser in a retail brand. He is an aspiring travel writer, an adventure junkie and a seeker of the unknown. His goal is to explore the 7,641 Islands of the Philippines and share it’s beauty to the world.
***Texts and photos by Edss Tolentino

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