Find Your Happiness At These 5 Top Beaches In Cebu
Best Beach Resorts in Bantayan You Should Visit

Are you running out of ideas where to go next this summer or during long weekends, why not try to visit other less crowded travel destinations and find your happiness at these top beaches in Cebu? This province has become a global hub for business, tourism, furniture and heavy industry for the longest time in the history of the Philippines. Knowing this province’ highlights, thousands of local and foreign travelers are doing their best to include this province to their bucket list when traveling. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Cebu]

Top Beaches In Cebu
Top Beaches In Cebu

Amid the political arguments in Metro Manila, unstoppable increasing of utility bills, rest assured that going to these top beaches in Cebu will definitely give you the peace of mind and happiness you deserve.

Top Beaches in Cebu

Lambug Beach

Let your kids have a close encounter with sea creatures at Lambug Beach since during the low tide season, it’s becoming a seashell hunting area for everyone. In addition to that, Lambug Beach is just a 24-minute away from one of the most prominent waterfalls in the Philippines which is the Kawasan Falls. Lambug Beach is perfect for everyone who longs for a quiet place to rest, seize the moment and contemplate in life as it features fine white sand, great blue skies and incomparable scenery that you can never find anywhere else.

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Tip: If you’re in a tight budget, instead of renting cottages you can bring your own tent and a blanket and have fun star gazing at night with friends or someone you love.

Tingko Beach

Imagine plenty of coconut trees around you, a calming beach with white sand, limestone cliffs, affordable cottages in a hot summer day a laidback lifestyle, these are the best things that Tingko Beach guarantees upon your arrival. Even the Cebuanos cannot resist but to spend time at Tingko Beach. The best part when staying in Tingko, tourists like you will never have to shell out a huge amount of money, here is the quick rundown of expenses:

  • Entrance fee- Php10.00
  • Parking fee-Php50.00
  • Table-Php250.00

 Logon Beach

For the beach bums if you want to witness the best sunset, a crescent-shaped Logon Beach would be your ultimate hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the metro. Situated in Malapascua Island, Logon Beach allows everyone to enjoy the following activities:

  • Wakeboarding
  • Scuba Diving
  • Thresher Shark Watching

Basdaku Beach

This is another top beach in Cebu that invites everyone to have the best summer experience they could ever have! Basdaku Beach is highly recommended for a large group of friends, company’s team building and it’s best to visit Basdaku Beach during weekdays to avoid the crowd over the weekend.  You can avail of island hopping tour to Pescador Island from the nearby resorts.

Bounty Beach

A gorgeous beach perfectly located at the secluded and tranquil area of Malapascua Island, The Telegraph also labels it as one of the 16 best beaches in Asia. Adventurous travelers going to this beach always love to have a refreshing quick getaway with its white sandy shoreline, while discovering and watching the thresher sharks, coral gardens, and manta rays.

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