Top Tourist Spots in Apayao (And How To Get There)

Our list of must-visit tourist spots in Apayao, Philippines.

The northern part of Luzon has more to offer than just Vigan and Laoag. These two places are the common choices when you refer to north tourist destinations in Luzon but more than them, there is also Apayao. Apayao is the place in the Cordillera region that offers activities that get your heart-raising and blood running. Adrenaline junkies will love it here. Here are some of the top tourist spots in Apayao you can visit.

Top Tourist Spots in Apayao (And How To Get There)
Top Tourist Spots in Apayao

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Apayao

Lussok Crystal Cave

This is a vertical cave that looks like it was pulled out straight from a fantasy book. As you ride the boat down the teal colored river, you’ll see how the trees arch above you and create the shade you need from the sun’s heat as you discover more of the river to the cave. Exploring the limestone cave is exciting because you really have to use your brain and trust your instincts as you scale through it. You’ll see different rock formations that vary in color, shape, and size; there are even some that shine and glitter.

Lussok Crystal Cave
Lussok Crystal Cave

How to get to Lussok Crystal Cave and other tourist spots in Apayao?

The best way to explore Apayao, especially in Luna area is by chartering a habal-habal /single motorcycle. The attractions are pretty much far from each other so it is highly recommended that you have a ride. Also, take note that the road is not paved all the way so it gets muddy in some parts.

Lussok Crystal Cave
Lussok Crystal Cave

Dupag Rock Formation

Can you survive climbing this labyrinth? Wouldn’t it be nice to explore and try out climbing it? This is probably the most famous place visited here in Apayao. This labyrinth is composed of many jagged limestone rocks towering at 8 feet tall – all sit atop a hill. There are different trails you can take here, all with varying difficulty. This is a good place to go to for it gives such a magnificent view of the forest and fields around it. Plus it also gives a view of the river close by.

Gololan Falls

Enjoy the cool water and refreshing air in the area of Gololan falls. This fall has a height of 33 meters that has pure white water falling. You’ll actually see at the bottom of the falls a beautiful rainbow forming. The trek to the bottom of the falls is definitely challenging but it is worth it. It is just so peaceful and relaxing to go here. The lush vegetation around gives it an even cooler atmosphere.

Manacota Underground River

Going here gives you the opportunity to hike and swim. You have to hike at least 1.5 kilometers to get to the river then cross the river as well, there are parts of the river that aren’t advisable for non-professionals. This is quite the challenge as well, but hey, that is why going to Apayoa must only be for the brave and fearless or those at least those willing to face their fears. The mouth of the river is absolutely breathtaking. And if you feel really tired just take a dip, it’ll cool you down.

Allabang Cave and Nalvo Cave

Want to do something exciting? You can go spelunking at the gigantic cave of Allabang! Discover the cave and see how different some things are when they live in the dark. Plus there are a lot of guano here. As for Nalvo Cave, it is good for cave hopping.

How to get to Apayao from Manila

By Air: There is no airport in the province of Apayao and the nearest airport is in Tuguegarao. You can take an hour flight from Manila to Tuguegarao then take a tricycle from the airport to the bus or van terminal to Junction Luna.

Get down in Junction Luna (Abulug) and take another tricycle to Luna Publacion which is about 15-20 minutes away from the junction.

By Land: There are multiple bus companies which operate the Manila-Tuguegarao route like Victory Liner, Baliwag Transit, Dalin Liner, and GV Florida Bus. The travel time is around 12 hours and the fare is roughly around Php900.

From the bus terminal in Tuguegarao, take a tricycle to the van/bus terminal going to Junction Luna. From there, follow the step above.

Alternatively, if you are already in Laoag or Vigan, get on a Tuguegarao-bound bus and get off at Junction Luna. The bus will pass by Junction Ouna so you don’t have to take another ride. Just make sure you remind the driver or conductor to drop you off at Junction Luna.


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  2. Hello sir! Do you summary of the costs per tour (ex. entrance fees, guide fees etc.)? Also, can you share your contact personnel on your Apayao trip/ TIA!

    1. Hello Francis! Sorry di ko na am locate nung driver ng HH na hinire ko. DI ko na rin maalala ang gastos ko but it was cheap. Also dapat maaga ka makarating ng Luna, mga 6pm pa lang sobrang tahimik na at wala na tao masyado gumagala. May mga pwede ma stayhan nman sa Luna. Meron na rin sila ma recommend sayo na guide.

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