Top Tourist Spots in Nueva Ecija [And How To Get There]

Nueva Ecija is a hidden paradise in the heart of Central Luzon. It is hours away from the city of Manila and despite the distance from the busy city, it is still visited by many foreign and domestic travelers. This province has a lot in store for you if you want to start your Luzon trip. Aside from its mountainous view, this province has different types of bodies of water that you can surely enjoy if you’re a type of person who travels a lot for beaches and falls. To keep you guided, here are the top tourist spots in Nueva Ecija that are worthy of your time.

Top Tourist Spots in Nueva Ecija
Top Tourist Spots in Nueva Ecija

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Minalungao National Park

Located in General Tinio, Minalungao National Park is such a paradise and is one of the top tourist spots in Nueva Ecija. If you’re looking for a place away from the city, this destination is worthy to visit despite the long road you have to take to reach it. This place is surrounded by green tall trees and huge rock formations. The water is so cold and blue that it would mesmerize you the whole time of your visit. Don’t forget to bargain with tricycle drivers if you plan to commute to get here. To learn more about Minalungao National Park and to know how to get there, check out our Minalungao travel guide.

Minalungao National Park
Minalungao National Park

Pantabangan Dam

You can reach Pantabangan Dam just 5 kilometers from the highway. There is no fee to get a view of this place but you have to show your valid IDs for you to get through. Apart from being a tourist destination, this is also a source of electricity and irrigation for some places in the province. If you want to take a break from a long drive, make sure to drop by this spot to calm your soul.

Gabaldon Falls

The enchanting beauty of Gabaldon Falls in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija will surely put you in awe. The water here comes from the natural resource made by Mother Nature and it is so clean that you will be tempted to swim on it. The place is surrounded by huge rock formations you can climb if you want a more adventurous experience. Residents here also claim that the flowing water of Gabaldon Falls have therapeutic powers.

Dupinga River

Situated in the heart of Sierra Madre mountains, you can visit one of the top tourist spots in Nueva Ecija known as the Dupinga River. You will surely feel at rest when you hear the rushing water combined with the humming of green trees around. To fully enjoy your stay here, you can rent cottages.

Philrice Research Institute

For those who don’t know it yet, the Philrice Research Institute is located in Munoz, Nueva Ecija. It is a government institute connected with the Department of Agriculture with the purpose of helping our farmers use high-yielding and cost-efficient equipment for farming. You can tour around the institute and ask some facts from the available information desk officer.

How to get to Nueva Ecija

There is currently no commercial airport in Nueva Ecija. A number of bus companies have direct routes to Cabanatuan City. Most of these lines have regular hourly trips to Nueva Ecija from Pasay, Caloocan, and Cubao. Travel time is around 4 hours depending on the traffic situation especially if you come from Pasay.


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