5 Best Hiking Destinations in Luzon, Philippines
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Apart from having sugar-white sand and bluest beach water, the Philippines is also known for its breathtaking hiking trails. Said trails vary from each level of difficulty but ensure to give out the best view of nature. Waterfalls, diverse wildlife, seas of clouds, and stunning panoramic views – the Philippine mountains basically have it all! If you are as excited as we do, here are 5 Best Hiking Destinations in Luzon, Philippines:

5 Best Hiking Destinations in Luzon, Philippines
5 Best Hiking Destinations in Luzon, Philippines | BigStock Photos

5 Best Hiking Destinations in Luzon, Philippines

1. Mount Pulag (Kabayan, Benguet)

Being the highest peak in Luzon, Mt. Pulag is one of the most popular mountains both for novice and professional hikers. It is famed as the “Playground of Gods” as you can literally walk through the magnificent sea of clouds. Make sure to come prepared for cold temperatures that drop sub-zero levels! Well, its surprise does not end there. After long hours of hike, hikers will now reach the summit to witness the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. The sun creates a stunning golden light beneath the sea of clouds which will definitely make you feel of being on top of the world.

Mount Pulag
Mount Pulag | BigStock Photos

2. Mount Daguldul (Lobo, Batangas)

If you want to try swimming and hiking at the same time, Mount Daguldul is the best place to start. It has breathtaking mountain views while the beach lies at the foot of the mountain. The trail to the summit is also beginner-friendly as it has an easy track as well as plenty of rest stops and refreshments. Apart from that, the mountain has a lot of streams and waterfalls that you can have a quick dip on! Hence, if you are really serious about hiking, Mount Daguldul should be the first trail, to begin with.

Mount Daguldul
Mount Daguldul | Photo by: jonah.deleon under creative commons

3. Mount Batulao (Nasugbu, Batangas)

Another popular beginner’s trail is the Mount Batulao of Batangas. Being just a few hours away from Metro Manila, it has been noted as a go-to trail for those who want to relax and take a break from work and the busy city. You will also experience passing through mini-peaks before reaching the summit which allows you to appreciate the green grassland surrounding you.

Mount Batulao
Mount Batulao view from a far in Nasugbu, Batangas,Philippines | BigStock Photos

4. Mount Makiling (Los Baños, Laguna)

Named after its mythological guardian Maria Makiling, the Mount Makiling is considered a famous destination of hikers, campers, bikers, and even birdwatchers. It comes in a moderately easy climb for about 4 to 5 hours to reach the summit and another 3 hours to descend. Looking at the mountain from afar, you will also observe an image of a reclining woman that is said to be her, Maria Makiling, the caretaker of the mountain. Whether this is true or not, what’s certain is that the mountain’s rich diversity is still retained up to this day. In fact, climbing for hours will allow you to take a view of the different species and plants.

Mount Makiling
Mount Makiling | BigStock Photos

5. Mount Daraitan (Tanay, Rizal)

Found in the Sierra Madre is the beautiful Mount Daritan in Rizal. It is perfect for those hikers who wish to experience more than just a day of the hike. In here, you’ll get the chance to swim, camp out at night, and visit the mountain’s natural gems like caves, springs, and the gorgeous Tinipak River. Your hike will definitely be a day or two of nature escapade. Just remember the golden rule of LNT: Leave No Trace as you hike!

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