Top Tourist Spots in Mountain Province [And How To Get There]
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A lot of people think that if they’ve seen Mt. Kiltepan in Sagada, they have seen everything they need to see in the Mountain Province. But actually, the tourist spots in Mountain Province is more than just the Mt. Kitelpan—it has a lot more to offer to its visitors. All of which are as equally or even more breathtaking and fun to see.

Top Tourist Spots in Mountain Province
Top Tourist Spots in Mountain Province

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Mountain Province

Sumaguing Cave

The magical cave of Sumaguing is one of the most famous caves in the area that it became one of the most visited caves in the Mountain Province. This is because there are a lot of activities that can be done here. Beginners and professional spelunkers will enjoy exploring this cave. Plus, the dipping pools are fun to experience.

Sumaguing Cave
Sumaguing Cave

Bomod-Ok Falls

Bomod-Ok Falls is a popular tourist spot in Sagada because of its size; the other name of it is actually the “Big Falls”. The size of it is stunning and it looks even more stunning with the trees, grass and all the other vegetations that surround it. The pool at the bottom is cool and refreshing. If the trek is tiring, swimming at the pool would be relaxing.

Kiltepan Peak

If you are looking for a place to watch the sunrise or the sun to set, going to Kiltepan Peak looks like you’re taking a peek of heaven. You can enjoy the sea of clouds that surround you. From the peak, you will get a view of the vast mountains and the sea of clouds of course.

Echo Valley

The Echo Valley is the place where the famous hanging coffins are located. But, other than the most visited hanging coffins, the Echo Valley itself is a nice sight because of all the lush green vegetation with unique trails and caverns. Additionally, by its name, there is a part of the valley where you can and are encouraged to shout your heart out.

Echo Valley, Sagada
Echo Valley, Sagada | Bigstock Photos

Maligcong Rice Terraces

No matter what month you to visit in, going here is such a soothing view. When it’s newly planted until it’s growing stage, you will see dark green colors that overflow while if it’s harvest season, you can see a vibrant gold. Either way, it looks amazing as it provides a contrast to the blue sky.

Mount Polis (Bauko)

Hikers, whether newbie or professional, will enjoy the trek of Mount Polis. The trail has been developed to make it visitor-friendly. It will take you an hour or less to reach the summit, and when you do, you will see wonderful sight of Bagnen, Sagada and also the mountain ranges.

How to get to the Mountain Province

There is no commercial airport in the Mountain Province and most people who go here travel by bus or with a private car. The most visited town in the mountain province are Sagada and Bontoc. To get to these two places, you can take a bus from Manila or from Baguio. Alternatively, if you are already Banaue, you can also take a bus from there to either Bontoc or Sagada.


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