Manila to Sagada : Bus Schedule and Fare Rates (2018 UPDATED)

Schedule of bus trips from Manila to Sagada in the Philippines

Sagada in Mountain Province is a stark contrast from urbanized Baguio. Nature activities abound whether you’re trekking the mountains to see the hanging coffins, climbing the stepped rice fields, or spelunking in the limestone caves. Don’t pass the opportunity to witness local customs, as the locals have ceremonies for life events like weddings, planting, and harvesting rice. (Read : 10 Summer Destinations in the Philippines)
Manila to Sagada bus schedule
Going to Sagada is now made easier with a direct bus trip from Manila. 





Schedule of bus trips from Manila to Sagada and vice-versa.

Coda Lines now offers direct bus service from its terminal in Quezon City to Sagada. It has a daily bus schedule going to Sagada passing through the towns of Banaue and Bontoc. The bus schedule is at 8PM for the Express bus and 9PM for the VIP service. The fare from Manila to Sagada is PHP828 and PHP1,127 respectively. Travel time is around 12 hours. Book your Manila to Sagada ticket now.
From Sagada, Code Lines departs daily at 2PM for the Express service and 3PM for the VIP Service. 
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Top Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Sagada

  • Sumaguing Cave
  • Lumiang Burial Caves
  • Bomok-od Falls
  • Suging Hanging Coffins
  • Kapay-aw Rice Terraces
  • Mt. Ampacao
  • St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church
  • Echo Valley
  • Ganduyan Museum
  • A whole lot more to see in Sagada

Please make sure that you travel responsibly. Do not throw your garbage everywhere. respect the local culture and traditions.

Where to Stay in Sagada? There are plenty of budget hotels, hostels, inns and guesthouses in Sagada. Below is our recommended places to stay in Sagada. Please click the name of the Inn/Lodge to check rates and availability.


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