Top Tourist Spots in Agusan del Sur (And How To Get There)

A list of must-visit tourist spots in Agusan del Sur, a province located in Mindanao, Philippines.

Often overlooked by tourists for the relative absence of white sandy beaches that typically highlights some of the best in Mindanao, Agusan Del Sur still manages to gather attention for its other unique offerings. Based on its name’s literal meaning “where something flows across,” this province has one of its major highlights in waterfalls which are perpetually gushing with currents. Here’s our list of the must-see tourist spots in Agusan del Sur:

Bega Falls - one of the tourist spots in Agusan del Sur
Bega Falls | Photo by: Sarah Cabiling

Top Tourist Spots in Agusan del Sur, Philippines

Bega Falls

There are a lot of waterfalls within Agusan Del Sur—around 30. But while each gushing water is amazing, Bega Falls trumps every other, essentially as the province’s hidden gem. Being around the waterfalls is already relaxing as it is just listening to the sounds its running water produced, but there is also no denying about the fun of soaking and playing around its waters.

Bega Falls, Agusan del Sur
Bega Falls | Photo by: Sarah Cabiling

How to get to Bega Falls: From Butuan City, take a bus bound to Davao City or San Franz and get off at Awa Junction in the town of Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. From Davao City or San Franz, you can take a bus bound to Butuan and get off at the same junction. When you arrive at Awa Junction, take a habal-habal (motorcycle) to Brgy. Mabuhay, then register at the Barangay Hall.

Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Considered as one of the most “ecologically significant wetlands” in the country, the Agusan Marsh is a large expanse of low waters and foliage which burgeons with its own ecology, including human settlements. During the rainy season where the water is usually high, large lakes are formed- the marshland makes for a hotspot for semi-aquatic animals like ducks. Meanwhile, during dry season, the Agusan Marsh becomes a site for migratory birds coming from countries like China, Japan, and even as far as Russia.

How to get to Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary: The jump-off points to Agusan March are the town of Bunawan and Loreto. You will need to rent a boat to get to Panlabuhan Floating Village. Edgar of Eazy Traveller has a detailed info on how to get there.

Century-old Toog Tree

Towering at a height of 65 meters along the roadside of Barangay Alegria in San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur, the Toog Tree is a giant tree that stands higher than anything in the area. Essentially a tree estimated to be 300 years old, the so-called “Century-old Toog Tree” is a hard-to-miss landmark from where it stands, featuring a large trunk and some verdant leaves on top. Alternatively, it is called the “Philippine Rosewood.”

How tall does this tree stands with the rest of the tallest trees in the world? It ranks 3rd tallest.

Mt. Magdiwata

The Mt. Magdiwata may not boast as the tallest summit in all of the province, but if there is anything for this wide mountain to go by, it is the area’s lush foliage and the native Manobos’ belief about the mythical supernatural spirits called “diwata” living in it. Yet, while interesting, it is also worth mentioning that there has not been any sighting of the legendary creature in mention, which might be disappointing for many.

Gibong River

In both agriculture and as a route, the importance of the Gibong River in all of Agusan Del Sur can no longer overstated. Not only does this overall amazing long stretch of water make for an appealing journey and the only pathway to the Binaba Falls, the waters of the river is also responsible for the irrigation that give life to crops across the three municipalities it covers.

A journey across the Gibong River is never a dull experience in that the environment varies as you go along its lines, significantly giving its unwitting travelers a unique and diverse view of the province.


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