Tourist Spots in Agusan Del Norte You Should Visit

Our list of must-visit tourist spots in Agusan del Norte – a province in the Philippines.

Partly surrounded by sea water and partly bordered by land, Agusan del Norte is a province that has the best of both terrains. While the quality of its seashores undeniably makes one good reason why people visit, the province also prides itself in other aspects of its terrain that significantly makes it distinct from its neighbors.

Tourist Spots in Agusan Del Norte
Butuan National Museum | Photo by: Paolobon140 license under creative commons

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Agusan del Norte

Butuan National Museum

The province that is now Agusan Del Norte is a place inhabited by an old civilization whose legacy is preserved in a museum, meant to commemorate the idea of their presence. The Butuan National Museum is home to the artifacts found all over the province which range from old musical instruments, ceramics, old jars, agricultural tools, textiles, wooden coffins, and human bones.

The National Museum in Butuan City
Address: Jose Rosales Avenue (near Butuan City Hall), Butuan City
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Contact Number: 527-4192

How to Get to the National Museum in Butuan City
From Butuan Aiport, take a multicab bound for the city center. From the city center, take a tricycle and tell the driver to take you to the National Museum, near the city hall.

Balangay Shrine Museum

Making another entry as a popular museum in all of Agusan Del Norte is the Balangay Shrine Museum which is an infrastructure aimed at curating an ancient civilization’s artifacts. Named after the same object that is believed to be at least 300 years old, the Balangay Shrine Museum highlights a piece of an old boat reminiscent of an ancient culture. It’s one of the most visited tourist spots in Agusan del Norte.

How to get to the Balangay Shrine Museum
From the city center, take a jeepney bound for Libertad. tell the driver to drop you off at the corner going to Barangay Paradise. From there, you can either take a tricycle or pedicab to the Balangay Shrine.

Tagnote Falls

There are plenty of beaches along a certain part of Agusan Del Norte, but there is no denying that there is a unique experience to be had when enjoying the fresh water of the Tagnote Falls. At 20 feet in height, this waterfall offers a decent altitude to make a leap to the 10-feet wide water basin below whose depth reaches up to 3 feet.

How to get to Tagnote Falls
From Butuan City, take a jeepney bound to the town of Remedios T. Romualdez (RTR). From the town proper, tahe a habal-habal to Tagnote Falls.

Sak-a Falls

Sak-a Falls is a multi-tier waterfall that is also prominent among locals of Agusan Del Norte. The highest of the three falls is often attributed to being for the brave or the foolhardy—and not the faint-hearted—due to its strong flow. However, coming the second and last falls, swimming becomes significantly more convenient for a swim, thanks also for its depth, and even go slide down a watery slope. Given the verdant foliage that surrounds Sak-a Falls, the freshwater exudes green color.

How to get to Sak-a Falls
From Butuan City, take a jeepney bound to the town of Remedios T. Romualdez (RTR). From the town proper, take a habal-habal to Brgy. San Antonio. From there, get a guide to accompany you to Sak-a Falls.

Mount Hilong-Hilong

Being atop Mount Hilong-Hilong is not only to be at the summit of the highest elevation in all of the province of Agusan Del Norte, it is also being at the height that is tallest in all of CARAGA region, standing at 2012 meters above sea level.

But do not let the idea of getting to its peak led you into thinking that it will be an easy feat. Not at all. To conquer Mount Hilong-Hilong would require you at least 4 days of trekking to achieve, granted you have the level of physique for it.

Cabadbaran Church

There are plenty of churches scattered across Agusan Del Norte which is a province with a predominantly Roman Catholic population. In Cabadbaran, the Our Lady of Presentation Parish makes one of the best. With the belief that lighting candles would produce something auspicious, one of the major features of this church is the brimming lights of candles, especially during special occasions.


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