Top Tourist Spots in Antique, Philippines

Our list of must-visit tourist spots in Antique, Philippines.

Antique is one of the provinces here in the Philippines that has many attractions and activities both in land and in water. It’s impossible to not love this province when both their attractions and locals are so inviting which is why lately it has become a favorite of many travelers. Since summer is slowly rolling in, you may want to visit these tourist spots in Antique.

Tourist spots in antique - tibiao river

Tibiao River

This may be hard to believe but the best time to try out the activities at Tibiao River is during the rainy season. Go kayaking, water tubing and even rafting at the river! The downpour helps the river swell, making it more ideal for those activities. Challenge yourself, steer and find a way how to get around those rocks.

Anini-y Church

Known as St. John Church, this church, despite its age, remains to be very charming and unique. It was built with the use of coral and stones as its foundation. It does look aged, but this is why many find it magnificent because it adds character. There aren’t many grand ornaments in it, however, there is beauty in its simplicity. Read more about our visit to Anini-y Church.

Tourist spots in antique - Anini-y Church

Malalison/Mararison Island

If you want to get away from crowded places, the sandbar in Mararison island is a good escape. It literally is just a patch of sand in the middle of the sea. You can swim and have a snack here. Enjoy the view of the seemingly endless sea. Take in the clean and fresh air(something you don’t usually get in the city)

Tourist spots in antique - Malalison/Mararison Island
Malalison Island | Photo by: Shirley Obguia

Igpasungaw Falls

Igpasungaw falls can be described in one word, majestic. It’s limestone green water cascades over the rock formations in it. The trek going here is also fun, you get to see how well preserved and taken care of the forest is. If the trek made you feel a bit of heat, take a dip in the cool waters here. You’ll feel refreshed afterward.

Nogas Island

Do you remember seeing book covers of fairytale stories when you were little that has a path with trees that sort of form an arch following the path? Well, this is the famous part of the Nogas island. Definitely, Instagram worthy! And if you are a cat-lover, you’d love it here. You will be greeted by the most adorable felines.

Seco Island

Seeing something beautiful early in the morning can help you start your day right. Seco island is, if not the most beautiful, one of the most beautiful island in Antique. Ride the ferry early in the morning, then as you ride going to Seco island, enjoy the view of the spectacular sunrise.

Malumpati Cold Spring

Another place to relax in Antique; the Malumpati Cold Spring is the go-to place if the summer heat is really getting to you. The cold spring isn’t too crowded, so you can enjoy resting in peace. Plus, there are huts by the side of it, this is where you can also have some snacks and just chill.


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