Top Tourist Spots in Batangas [And How To Get There]

Life can get too stressful at times. We all deserve a break from our busy lives in order to keep a healthy mental and physical state. And if you want to maximize going on a short vacation but still able to do a lot of things and see a lot of places, Batangas is your escape that’s only a couple of hours away from the city. With only a single bus ride you can already see places that’ll inspire you again to get back to work. [Check out our list of 18 Best Resorts in Batangas]

Top Tourist Spots in Batangas
Top Tourist Spots in Batangas

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Batangas, Philippines

Taal Volcano

What looks like a small volcano is actually the second most dangerous volcano in the whole country. There are so many activities to do here. You can hike to see the volcano itself, go kayaking, swimming or banana boating on the lake, or just dine at a restaurant by the lake.

Taal Lake and Volcano, Batangas

How to get to Taal Volcano?

From Metro Manila, take a Nasugbu-bound bus in Buendia going to Tagaytay. Travel time is around 1.5 hours and the fare is around Php80. Tell the driver or conductor that you are getting off in Olivares. From there, you can ride a tricycle to Talisay, around 30 minutes. The fare should be around Php150 good for 3 pax, one-way. Once in Talisay, you can rent a boat to Taal Volcano. The travel time is less than 30 minutes and the boat rental is around Php2,000 for 7 pax.

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Masasa Beach

Life under the sea here is spectacular. Just by merely snorkeling here, you will get to witness the thriving ecosystem of the area. Expect to see a lot of different species of fishes, colorful corals, and passerby-turtles. Enjoying swimming with them and appreciate what wonders this world has.

Masasa Beach, Batangas
Masasa Beach | Photo by: Edss Tolentino

How to get to Masasa Beach?

Read our detailed DIY Guide to Masasa Beach to know how to get there from Manila.

Monte Maria Shrine

A place to worship and a place to appreciate the divine love of our creator; the Monte Maria Shrine is one of the most iconic pilgrimage sites and top tourist spots in Batangas City. They plan to make the place very tourist friendly by having small hotels to accommodate visitors.

Monte Maria Shrine
Monte Maria Shrine, Batangas

How to get to Monte Maria Shrine?

We went there on a public transport from Manila and we came up with a detailed DIY Travel Guide to Monte Maria Shrine to help those who want to go there by public transport.

Mt. Maculot

Climbing the mountain won’t be a walk in the park but it won’t be too hard either. What makes many tourists want to stop by here is to get a glimpse of the grotto and the breathtaking summit. Make sure to take a panoramic photo from the summit, we assure you—it is amazing.

Mt. Maculot, Batangas
Mount Maculot | Photo by:  CJ52411


If you want to add another beach on your list, Anilao is one of the most popular beaches and overall tourist spots in Batangas because of the well-developed resorts that offer various activities, plus because of the stunning beach itself. Take a dip at the beige colored sand and deep blue waters.

Eagle Point Resort
Eagle Point Resort, Batangas

How to get to Anilao, Batangas?

We visited Eagle Point Resort in Anilao and we included detailed instructions on how to get to Anilao from Manila.


Batangas does not run out of must-visit beaches, Laiya is one of those beaches you should not miss out on. A lot of the most iconic and luxurious resorts in Batangas are found here. These resorts offer such a unique experience, most especially for those wanting to hold events.

Verde Island

Now if you want to really see how beautiful the life at sea can be, not just here in the Philippines, but can be compared enough to the whole world, the marine life in Verde Island is one that’s indescribable.

Verde Island, Batangas
Verde Island, Batangas | Photo by: Edss Tolentino

How to get to Verde Island?

Our contributor, Edss Tolentino has a detailed guide travel to Verde Island.


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