Dahican Beach is a stretch of long white sand beach in Mati, Davao Oriental facing the Pacific Ocean. It was only recently that people flock there to experience and enjoy the beach and the waves. Surfing and skimming are becoming more and more popular in this small paradise. It is about 4 hours by Bachelor Express Bus from Davao City. Fare is P275 for A/C & P210 for non-A/C.


The Rendezvous
Dominic and I met in NCCC Mall and left Davao City at around 8AM. We took an airconditioned Bachelor Express Bus and sat comfortably. The bus had to stop quite a lot of times to pick up or drop off passengers so the travel time was longer than expected. The bus has also stopped for lunch somewhere in the town of Lupon, Davao Oriental. People in the carinderia went frenzy probably because they only seldom see foreigners drop by their place. They offered Dom with a lot of food and I felt like we were kinda overcharged with our meal. The bus was about to go so we were not able to get an itemized price of what we ate. 

The City of Mati
After 4 hours of butt-numbing bus ride, we have finally reached the City of Mati. We were immediately approached by a group of habal-habal drivers. The drivers asked where we were heading and I told them to the Amihan Surfing camp in Dahican. When I asked one of them how much was the fare, he told me P200 for both of us. I knew then and there that he was asking for too much and was trying to rip us off. Maybe the driver was thinking that we will take his offer because my friend’s a foreigner.
I told Dom that the driver was trying to rip us off and told him that we will walk away from the terminal to get a better rate. Another driver approached us and offered P80 for both of us. I know it was still a bit high but we took the offer anyway.
The Paradise
After another 30 minutes, we finally reached the paradise. We looked for a good spot to leave our things and asked the nearby surf rental shop for their boards. The owner said it’s P200 per hour. I was hesitant of renting one because I was not ready to fail. Dom on the other hand grew up body surfing so he did not need to rent a board since he can body surf without it. He encouraged me to try it but again, I do not want to disappoint him so I passed. Instead, I play with the waves, swim a bit and did the best thing I could do – beach bum!


Surfing and Skimming
The waves were kinda okay so a number of locals went surfing and skim boarding. I definitely enjoyed watching them. I want to try it again but I had to let the urge pass that time. 


The long way home
We left Dahican beach past 5PM and had our dinner at Mang Inasal in the city center. After dinner, we proceeded to the bus terminal to catch another long bus ride going back to Davao. Unfortunately, the airconditioned bus’ last trip was at 5:30PM so we had no other option but to take the non-airconditioned bus. The stops were really frequent and so the travel time was longer. After almost six hours, we finally arrived in Davao City.
Dom and I said our goodbyes and separated ways hoping that one day somewhere, somehow we will see each other again.
How to get there:
From Davao International Airport, you can walk to the main highway and wait for Bachelor Express bus going to Mati. The bus schedule is frequent so you don’t have to worry waiting for a long period. Alternatively, you can proceed to Davao Overland Bus terminal, take the same bus and choose a comfortable seat.

When you reach Mati City, you can take a habal-habal and tell the driver that you are going to Dahican Beach. 

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  1. I went there in 2010. I missed the waves, the sands and the friendly Amihan sa Dahican Skim and Surf Team!

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