Top Tourist Spots in Davao Oriental [And How To Get There]

The Philippines is undoubtedly a home of tourist destinations. Whether you are a local or a foreigner looking for a great escape, you will find the most beautiful natural places here. One of the provinces in this country where you can find numerous locations worthy of your visit is Davao Oriental. In this province, you will find a lot of amazing places from mountains to beaches. If you want a little break from your city life, here’s the list of the top tourist spots in Davao Oriental.

Top Tourist Spots in Davao Oriental
Top Tourist Spots in Davao Oriental

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Davao Oriental, Philippines

Aliwagwag Falls

Located in Compostela – Cateel Road, Cateel, this falls is one of the most visited places in Davao Oriental. It is considered as the highest waterfall in the Philippines with over 100 cascading waterfalls that amaze everyone who gets here. This place, among the top tourist spots in Davao Oriental, is made up of rock formations that differ in sizes and shapes.

Aliwagwag Falls
Aliwagwag Falls

Dahican Beach

Situated in Mati, Davao Oriental is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Mindanao. This beach is definitely a must-visit tourist destination because of its white sands, long shores, and crystal blue waters. If you’re someone who’s looking for a rest between the crashes of waves, Dahican Beach is just the right place for you.

Dahican Beach
Dahican Beach

Mount Hamiguitan

Mount Hamiguitan is the first and only UNESCO World Heritage site in Mindanao. It stands at 1,620 meters high and will certainly give you a 360 degrees view of the rest of the province. One fascinating thing about this tourist spot is its most diverse population of wildlife where Philippine Eagles and Nepenthes can be seen.

Cape San Agustin in Governor Generoso

In the utmost baranggay of Governor Generoso is where you can find one of the top tourists spots in Davao Oriental–the Cape San Agustin. Here you can find 3 lighthouses that have been long standing to see the wild beauty of Davao Gulf and Celebes Sea. Some of the activities you can do here is climbing the lighthouses or swim in the open ocean.

Lake Carolina in Baganga

Lake Carolina is located in Surigao Davao Coastal Road in Baganga. This is best for people who are fond of beach adventures, short getaways, and weekend breaks. If you happen to be visiting Cateel, be sure to drop by in this lake to soak your tanned skin up in the cold water of the lagoon.

San Victor Island

This is a little paradise located in Davao Oriental where you can enjoy a crystal blue water and white sands without having to drive miles away from town proper of Baganga. You can reach this place for just 20 minutes if you are in the town proper. Aside from the water and sand perfection, this place also houses plenty of marine resources.

Campawan Curtain Falls

One of the wonders of Baganga, Davao Oriental is Campawan Curtain Falls. Now that this place is open to all tourists, you can enjoy bathing in this falls that is shaped like curtains in the middle of the wild yet beautiful forest of Baganga. Although it’s a long rocky road before you get here, this place will surely keep you in awe.

How to get to Davao Oriental

From Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cebu & Bohol, fly to Davao City. From there, take a bus or van to Mati, Davao Oriental if you are heading to Dahican Beach. If you are going to see Aliwagwag Falls, you can take a bus or van bound to Cateel. Inform the driver to drop you off at Aliwagwag Falls Eco-Park.


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