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Naadam Festival 2019 [Mongolia]

July 10, 2019 @ 8:00 am July 12, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

Naadam Festival is a one of its kind festival celebrated in Mongolia. It’s an expression of nomadic culture and tradition, a celebration of national independence, and a showcase of arts and sports.

Naadam Festival 2019
Naadam Festival 2019 | Bigstock Photos

The main celebration is held annually on 10-12 July at Central Stadium and Khui Doloon Khudag in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city.

Naadam Festival 2019 Schedule of Events and Activities

July 10, Day 1 of Naadam Festival 2019

8am-11am“Khyazaalan” (4> year old) horse raceKhui Doloo Khudag
08.00-22.00Knuckle bone throwingKnuckle throwing tent
08.30-14.30First round of target-archeryOn archery field
10.00-11.00Ceremony for National Flag DayOn Sukhbaatar Square
13.00-13.30A ceremony for showing respect to Chinggis Statue and placing of flowers on Sukhbaatar statueOn Sukhbaatar Square
14.00-18.00Deeltei Mongol Festival, an annual festival of traditional Mongolian costumes.On Sukhbaatar Square 
14.00-16.30“Shudlen” (3> year old) horse raceKhui Doloo Khudag
14.30-20.30Middle round of target-archeryOn archery field
15.00, 18.00State Official Concert for Naadam Festival The Cultural Palace of Ulaanbaatar
20.00A ceremony for the Great White BannersOn Sukhbaatar Square

July 11, Day 2 of Naadam Festival 2019

8am-11.30amStallion horse race (6> years old)Khui doloon Khudag
08.00-11.00Semi Final of Knuckle throwingKnuckle throwing tent, Central Statdium 
09.30A ceremony of the Mongolian State Banners to place at the Cental Stadium from the Government HouseSukhbaatar square -Central Stadium 
11.00President will address opening speech and respect to Mongolian State BannersCentral Stadium
11.10Opening ceremony of Naadam (Special program)Central Stadium
11.40-12.40Opening ceremony of Knuckle throwingKnuckle throwing tent
12.00-15.00First round of Mongolian national wrestling Central Stadium 
12.30Semi-finale of Knuckle throwingKnuckle throwing tent
13.30-14.00Archery performancesOn archery field
13.30-16.00First round of children wrestlingCentral Stadium
14.00Opening ceremony of Khui Doloon Khudag NaadamKhui doloon Khudag
14.00-17.00“Ikh Nas” (7>years old) horse raceKhui doloon Khudag
14.30-16.30Last round of target-archeryOn archery field
15.20-18.00Second round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium
16.20-18.00Second round of Children wrestlingCentral Stadium
16.30-20.00First round of Khasaa-ArcheryOn archery field
21.00-23.00“Ulaanbaatar Night” Cultural performance On Sukhbaatar square 
23.00Firework FestivalOn Chinggis Square, Bayankhoshuu, Maakhuur.

July 12, Day 3 of Naadam Festival 2019

07.00-10.30“Soyolon” (5>years old) horse raceKhui Doloon Khudag
07.00-12.00Final of Knuckle throwingKnuckle throwing tent
08.00-11.00Middle round of Khasaa-archeryOn archery field
09.00-11.00Third round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium 
10.00-11.00Third round of Children wrestlingCentral  Stadium
10.30-12.30“Daaga” (2>years old) horse raceKhui Doloon Khudag
11.20-12.40Fourth round of Children wrestlingCentral  Stadium
11.00-14.00Last round of Khasaa-archeryOn archery field
12.30Prize ceremony for Knuckle throwingKnuckle throwing tent
13.40-14.00Final archery of best 8 archersOn archery field
14.30-15.10Fifth round of National WrestlingCentral stadium 
14.00-15.30President will hand the grades and prizes  to winner archers and Knuckle throwingCentral Stadium
15.20-16.00Sixth round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium
15.20-16.00Fifth round of Children wrestlingCentral Stadium
16.10-16.40Declaration of first 5 horses. President will hand prizes to horse-race children jockeysCentral Stadium
16.40-17.10Sixth round of Children wrestlingCentral Stadium
16.40-17.20Seventh round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium
17.25-17.45President will prize the wrestlers who fulfilled who met requirements of State Nachin and KhartsagaCentral Stadium
17.50-18.40Eighth round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium
18.35-19.05Seventh round of Children wrestlingCentral Stadium
18.45-19.00President will prize the wrestlers who fulfilled who met requirements of State ZaanCentral Stadium
19.05-19.35Ninth round of National wrestlingCentral Stadium
19.40-19.55President will prize the finalist-wrestlersNational Stadium
20.00President will address closing speechCentral Stadium
20.10Closing Ceremony of Naadam festivalCentral Stadium
21.00“Ulaanbaatar Night” cultural performanceSukhbaatar Square



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