Resorts in Samal That Are Allowed to Operate under Community Quarantine
Top Beach Resorts In Samal

Planning to go to Samal for a much-needed vacation? This is the list of resorts allowed to operate under community quarantine. Please take note that you will need to book in advance so the resort can arrange for your Samal QR code. Residents of Davao del Norte can enter Samal using the DDN QR plus a valid government-issued ID.

Samal resorts with Provisional Certificate Of Authority to Operate (PCAO) from the DOT

This list is updated as of September 22, 2020.

  1. Camp Holiday Resort & Recreation Area [Check rates and availability]
  2. Canibad Secret Paradise
  3. Punta Del Sol Beach Resort
  4. Ilihan Beach Resort
  5. Tiny Hauz Mini Resort
  6. Punta De Gloria
  7. TLSY Beach Front Resort
  8. Club Samal Resort
  9. Hof Gorie
  10. Isla Betita Garden Resort
  11. Cavanico Il Mare
  12. Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort
  13. Fernandez Beach Resort
  14. Sunday Morning Beach Resort
  15. Lorelei Beach Resort [Check rates and availability]
  16. Haze Haven Inland Resort
  17. Indo Bali House
  18. Kathleen’s Place Resort
  19. Pearl Farm Beach Resort
  20. Mahan Garden Resort Inc.
  21. Chema’s By The Sea
  22. Costa Marina Beach Resort
  23. Castle View Guest House
  24. Oceano Con Vista Highlands Events Place Rental ,
  25. Coastal Inn
  26. Hi-5 Princess Tropical Inland Resort
  27. Golden Bay Beach Resort And Spa Co.
  28. Charisse Beach House
  29. Sunrise View Beach Resort
  30. Ocean View Beach Resort
  31. Seaside Camp Site
  32. The Island Buenavista
  33. Samal Family Garden Beach Resort
  34. Seascape Inland Resort
  35. Isla Beach Resort
  36. Kamayo Beach Resort
  37. Babox
  38. JB Diversified, Inc. (Marex Beach)
  39. Heavenly Beach Resort
  40. Punta Elai Resort
  41. Samal Mango Heaven Travellers Inn
  42. Altavista Beach Resort
  43. Eve Guest House
  44. Olivia Sands Beach And Nature Resort
  45. Canibad Adventures
  46. Madyaw Golden Resort
  47. Leticia By The Sea
  48. Casa Michabella Leisure & Events Place
  49. Aundanao Oasis Beach
  50. Clint Kent Transient House
  51. Langoy-langoy Beach Resort
  52. Kaputian Kostal Resort
  53. Seagrass Beach Resort
  54. Beach ni Kap
  55. Captain Hook’s Red Parrot Inn
  56. Bibay’s Beach Rest House
  57. A Beautiful Beach Front
  58. Paul Beach Resort

Resorts With LGU Samal PCAO

  • Coral Reef Resort
  • La Concha Beach

Please make sure to follow the health standards set by the government. Wear your face mask properly to reduce the risk of getting the virus.


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