Destinations in PH that Allow Tourists under CQ + List of Travel Requirements

Itching to travel? We highly recommend that you stay at home for the time being while the country is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. But, if you really want to explore places again, these are the Philippine destinations that have reopened their doors for tourists under the community quarantine. There are strict requirements and protocols so traveling now is not as easy as before.

For your own safety, please make sure that you only avail tour packages and accommodations from the Department of Tourism (DOT) Accredited entity. Make sure to follow the health standards and protocols set by the government. Wear a facemask properly all the time when you are in public places. Do not forget to comply with the social and physical distancing measures to protect you and the people around you from the virus.

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Philippine Destinations that Have Reopened for Tourists


Boracay has reopened its doors for tourists since September. The island started accepting tourists from Western Visayas and after few weeks it allowed visitors from all over the country. There are now flights from Manila to Caticlan, the gateway to the gorgeous island of Boracay. You can book your ticket here.

The requirements for tourists who plan to visit Boaracay are:

  1. Health Declaration Card which can be accessed via
  2. Confirmed hotel or resort booking on the island. You may refer to this post for the list of DOT-Accredited Hotels in Boracay under Community Quarantine.
  3. Negative RT-PCR test within 48 hours prior to the departure date.
  4. Email a copy of your Health Declaration Card (HDC), RT-PCR test result, confirmed booking slip, and proof of identification to
  5. As soon as the processing is successful, a copy of the HDC with Tourist QR code will be sent back to you via email.
  6. Present the HDC with QR code to the authorities in the borders for scanning.
Sunset in Boracay

Baguio City

As of now, only tourists from Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, and Pangasinan are allowed to enter Baguio City. Only 200 tourists will be allowed per day with no underlying health conditions and no COVID-19 symptoms and exposure.

Strawberry and ube taho in Baguio City

Planing to visit Baguio? Here are the guidelines and travel requirements:

  1. Arrange a travel package from a DOT-Accredited Tour Operator. The list is provided below for your reference.
  2. Book your accommodation from a DOT-Accredited hotel.
  3. Have yourself tested. RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen tests must be done not more than 72 hours prior to your travel. The test result is only valid for a 5-day itinerary. Alternatively, you may also get tested for the Rapid Antigen test upon arrival at the City Tourist Triage for a fee.
  4. Register and create a Baguio VISITA account at Prepare to upload a copy of your government-issued ID and photo.
  5. Schedule a visit and fill out the online Health Declaration Questionnaire with your VISITA account. Prepare to upload a copy of the following:
    • Confirmed itinerary issued by a tour/travel agent
    • Receipt of accommodation booking
    • Recent COVID-19 test certificate with negative result issued by an accredited testing laboratory
    • If you opt for a test upon arrival, download and fill out the consent and test form and bring it to the triage.
  6. Wait for an email confirmation, and save or print your QR-coded Tourist Pass (QTP).
  7. During travel, stops are only allowed in designated DOT accredited restaurants and gas stations within BLUPISIN (Baguio, La Union, Pangasinan, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte). As much as possible, stops are highly discouraged.
  8. Entry access to Baguio City will only be allowed via Naguilian Road or Palispis (Marcos) Highway. Please note that stopovers are NOT allowed along the two highway roads.
  9. Present QTP and documents at the border checkpoint.
  10. Proceed to the Tourist Triage at CAP Convention Center in Camp John Hay.
    • Present QTP at triage window for an interview and validation of health declaration
    • If the test upon arrival was opted, present consent and test form and pay for the testing fee.
    • When cleared, proceed to the pre-booked accommodation.
  11. Follow the itinerary as assisted by a tour guide. Any modification to the itinerary must be consulted and approved by the tour operator. Digital check-in and check-out must be done in all sites and establishments visited.
  12. Upon leaving Baguio City, follow your own LGU’s re-entry protocols. It may include triaging, testing, or mandatory quarantine.

UPDATE: Starting October 22, Baguio City will be opening its doors to tourists from Luzon, particularly from NCR, Region 2, and 3.

Photo by Baguio Tourism FB Page

Ilocos Norte

Like Baguio City, Ilocos Norte has also reopened to visitors from the Ridge and Reef Travel Corridor composed of Ilocos Sur, La Union, Pangasinan, and Baguio City starting October 1, 2020. Only 50 tourists are allowed per day. Below are the steps to follow if you are visiting Ilocos as a tourist and the documents required.

  • confirmed accommodation booking
  • a travel agent or operator for tours
  • confirmed tour itinerary
  • medical certificate
  • most recent COVID-19 test result

Step-by step process for visitors going to Ilocos Norte

  1. Plan your visit to Ilocos Norte with an accredited travel agent or tour operator.
  2. Book your stay ONLY at accredited accommodation establishments.
  3. Get Tested. RT-PCR Test must be taken within 48 hours prior to arrival. Alternatively, you may also schedule your Rapid Antigen Test to be taken at the Pinili Visitor Center upon arrival.
  4. Pre-register your travel at
  5. Request a SafePass Entry account at or via SafePass Portal on Facebook Messenger. Save or print a copy of your QR Code from SafePass as this will serve as your digital pass at gateway checkpoints.
  6. Bring all your original documents for verification.
  7. Stop are discouraged but you may do so if needed only at DOT pit stops.
things to do in ilocos norte
Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Sur

The travel requirements for tourists visiting Ilocos Sur are pretty much the same with Ilocos Norte. The province will only accommodate 50 tourists at a time. Entry access to Ilocos Sur will only be at Tagudin and Sinait borders.

A tour itinerary must be coursed through a DOT-Accredited travel agency or tour operator.

UPDATE: Starting November 15, 2020, Ilocos Sur will reopen to more tourists from other parts of Luzon. We will update this post once we get more details.

Photo credit to Ilocos Sur FB Page

Pangasinan and La Union

Pangasinan and La Union are also part of the Ridge and Reef Travel Corridor and are also open for tourists from Region 1 and Baguio City. The travel requirements are pretty much the same with Ilocos and Baguio. You may email the La Union Tourism office at or the Pangasinan Tourism office at for your inquiries.

Davao Oriental

The province of Davao Oriental has already opened its doors for tourists within the region as early as September 2020 under the community quarantine.

If you are visiting the provincial ecoparks, you must coordinate with the provincial tourism office by contacting Ms. Lyrna Padohinog at 09668854985 or at 09105676414.

The provincial government has also recently announced that a prior hotel booking is needed is required to be able to enter the province.

Dahican Beach
Dahican Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental

Island Garden City of Samal

Samal like Davao Oriental has also opened its doors for tourists from the region. You will need a QR code to enter the island so you must book a hotel/resort in advance so they can arrange for your Samal QR code.

Residents of Davao del Norte can enter Samal using the DDN QR plus a valid government-issued ID.

For the accredited resorts, check this list: Resorts in Samal That Are Allowed to Operate under Community Quarantine

For inquiries, you may contact the City Investment and Tourism Office (CITO) at: 09165234644; 09663053108; 09610806407

Top Beach Resorts In Samal
Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal

Did we miss something? Are there any destinations that have reopened for tourists? Let us know in the comment section below so we can add them!


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