25 Popular Pasalubong from Around the Philippines

This is our list of the most popular pasalubong (gift items) from around the Philippines. These are delicacies from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao that you have probably tasted at least once. Since leisure travel is still not allowed, you can order these items online and satisfy your cravings for a minimal shipping fee.

Popular Pasalubong from Around the Philippines - Merzci's Biscocho and Butterscotch
Merzci’s Biscocho and Butterscotch

Popular Pasalubong from Luzon

Popular Pasalubong from Luzon - Baguio's Ube Jam - Good Shepherd
Baguio’s Ube Jam


Baguio City is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. A visit to the summer capital of the Philippines is not complete without bringing home a jar of ube or strawberry jam or a pack of highland coffee from the Cordilleras. Here’s some of the best pasalubong from Baguio you can get online.

Good Shepherd Ube Jam

There are different brands of ube jam in Baguio but the most sought after is Good Shepherd. It is relatively expensive compared to the other brands but you will be assured of its high quality. You can order a jar of Good Shepherd Ube Jam here.

Good Shepherd Strawberry Jam

The Good Shepherd Strawberry Jam is not always available. It is one of the most sellable items in the store. But, because there are not many tourist activities in the City of Pines, there is a high chance you can get it during the community quarantine. You can buy Good Shepherd Strawberry Jam here or you can get a cheaper brand here.

Kalinga, Sagada & Benguet Coffee

Garcia’s Premium coffee is one of the best suppliers of high-quality coffee in Baguio City. So, whether you are looking for Robusta coffee from Kalinga, Sagada coffee, or Benguet blend, they have it and you can get it from anywhere you are in the Philippines. ORDER NOW!

Peanut Brittle

Peanut brittle is another favorite pasalubong item from Baguio City. The most popular brands are Good Shepherd and Romana. If you want whole peanuts covered with caramelized sugar, then Romana is for you. If you want crushed peanut, then go for Good Shepherd. You can buy Romana here or you can get Good Shepherd here.

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Chicharabao is a variant of chicharon or pork crackling. Instead of using the usual pork skin, carabao or water buffalo skin is used. It’s a popular snack in Northern Luzon especially in Tuguegarao and nearby towns. If you miss this snack from up north, you can get this one from anywhere you are in the country. ORDER NOW!



If you are looking for something savory while you are binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, you might want to get this popular snack in Vigan and the rest of Ilocos. It usually comes in three different flavors: sweet and spicy, cheese, and garlic. BUY NOW!



Kinunot is a popular Bicolano dish of flaked stingray fish or pagi cooked in coconut cream, spices, malunggay leaves, and lots of chilies. Get a jar of kinunot today. BUY NOW!

Pili Nuts

Pili trees are usually grown in the southern part of Luzon, particularly in the Bicol Region. The pili tree produces nuts that are processed and sold as a delicacy. It is usually coated in caramelized sugar. It’s sweet and crunchy. ORDER NOW!

Bicol Express

Perfectly paired with rice, the Bicol Express is known to be hot and spicy. It is a coconut-rich stew with pork, balaw or sauteed shrimp, and lots of siling labuyo. As you try this dish, make sure you have water and tissue on your side to take your sweat off! BUY NOW!

If you want a smoked fish or tinapa Bicol express, you can get it here.


Laing is a traditional Filipino dish made of whole or shredded taro leaves, coconut milk, spices, and lots of chilies. Some are made with only veggies, while others have seafood or pork. Get this popular Bicolano delicacy straight from Daraga, Albay. ORDER NOW!

Popular Pasalubong from the Visayas

Popular Pasalubong from the Visayas - Bohol's Calamay
Bohol’s Calamay



Calamay is one of the must-try delicacies in Bohol. This popular mid-afternoon snack is made of glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar, and peanuts. If you miss this sweet delicacy, you can get it from anywhere you are in the Philippines. Just put your order here.

Peanut Kisses

Peanut Kisses is probably the most popular pasalubong item from Bohol. It’s basically made of peanuts, sugar, and egg whites. You can pretty much it in many groceries outside Bohol. But, if you can’t get out, you can get it online. BUY NOW!


Dried Danggit and Dried Squid

Dried fish and squid are two of the popular Cebu pasalubong you can get at Carbon Market. When I go to Cebu I usually visit the market early in the morning to buy my favorite dried danggit and dried squid. They’re prefect for a sumptuous Pinoy breakfast. If you want this, you can get it without going to Cebu.

Buy Danggit | Buy Dried Special Squid |Buy Dried Squid Tarorot

Dried Mangoes

Cebu is known for its dried mangoes. There are several brands available and to be honest, they taste almost the same. People visiting Cebu usually get a pack of dried mangoes before going home. If you miss this, you can get it from anywhere you are in the country. ORDER NOW!


Otap is a popular oval-shaped Filipino delicacy made with puff pastry. These treats are usually available in many supermarkets across the Philippines but the best finds are in Cebu. One of the most popular brands is Shamrock. BUY ONLINE!



Piaya is a sweet flatbread usually filled with muscovado sugar or ube. It is a popular delicacy in Bacolod City and the rest of Negros Island. The most popular brands are Bongbong’s and Merzci. ORDER NOW!


Butterscotch is another popular snack in Bacolod City. It’s made from flour, sugar, butter, and cashew nuts. BUY NOW!



Biscocho is a twice-baked pastry, usually from stale bread, coated with margarine and sprinkled with white sugar. It’s best paired with hot black coffee.


Mango Bars

Guimaras is popular for its sweet mangoes. Mango Bars are sweet mango chips filled with tasty butterscotch and sprinkled with cashew nuts. ORDER NOW!

Roxas City

Dried Fish

Roxas is not only known for its fresh produce, but it is also popular for its dried fishes. Visit Banica Dried Fish Center if you want to bring home dried fishes. This market has a wide array of dried fishes ranging from the popular danggit to the less known but equally delectable boneless dilis. If you can’t go to Roxas, you can ORDER NOW!

Popular Pasalubong from Mindanao

Popular Pasalubong from Mindanao - Davao Tablea
Davao Tablea


Malagos Chocolate

Malagos Chocolate is a popular product made in Davao. It’s one of the best pasalubong you can bring home when you visit in Davao. It is also available in many supermarkets around the country. You can laso buy it online at your own convenience. ORDER NOW!


Tablea is made from fermented and roasted cacao beans then molded without adding any other ingredients. It is used to make Filipino hot chocolate or tsokolate or sikwati. It is also added in rice porridge to make a champorado. BUY NOW!

Camiguin / CDO


Pastel is a proudly Camiguin delicacy. It’s a sweet bun filled usually with yema. Other fillings include ube, macapuno, among others. It used to be available only in Camiguin in the 90’s but as of today it is widely available in other parts of the country. The most popular brand is Vjandep. ORDER NOW!


Toasted Peanuts

Cheding’s Toasted Peanuts is the most popular pasalubong item from Iligan City. It is also available in many supermarkets across the Philippines. If you can’t find it in your local grocery store, don’t worry, you can get it from the comfort of your home. BUY ONLINE!


Monk’s Blend Premium Coffee

Monk’s Blend Premium Coffee is one of my favorite coffee in the Philippines. It is made from the highland coffee of Bukidnon. Monk’s Blend is a product of the Benedictine monks at the Transfiguration Monastery in Bukidnon. BUY NOW!


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