A Travel Guide to the Rolling Hills of Catanduanes

As a first time traveler in Catanduanes, I didn’t know what to expect. But I’ve always been the one who likes a good surprise, which is exactly what I got when I discovered the magnificent rolling hills of Catanduanes. Here are five of the most beautiful hills that you can visit when you find yourself in Catanduanes.


Two hours away from Virac by vehicle, Hiyop Highlands is located in Pandan Town. We didn’t see it right away when we arrived, only the lush part of the area was visible from where we parked. There were some ongoing constructions on the road. We moved a bit further, passed a local community to get to the spot where saw the most stunning view of Hiyop Highlands.

A little local girl named Jamaica went along with us for some sightseeing. She has a jet black curly hair that I really loved. I find her to be so cute and cool that I immediately took a liking to her.

How to get to Hiyop Highlands

  • Take a UV Express or a bus to Pandan Town and from there, you may take a habal habal (motorbike) to Hiyop Highlands .
  • Habal habal fee is around 200-300php one-way. Negotiate with the driver but don’t haggle too much. 

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Many travelers have fallen in love with arguably the most visited rolling hills in Catanduanes, Binurong Point is located in Baras town.

Binurong Point offers a magnificent view of the sea, the huge waves crashing down to the side of the cliffs. Note that although the place is open to tourists, they require that you hire their local guides to get to the viewing area. Also, going down to the beach is prohibited and camping or sleeping overnight is not allowed. You may enjoy it over a day trip. 

How to get to Binurong Point

  • Take a Habal Habal from Baras to Barangay Guinsaaan, fare is around 40php per person.
  • Travel time takes 15-20min to Binurong Point.
  • You must register before entering and pay 30php.
  • Guide fee is 200php per person/group.
  • Hike time takes around 30-40min (depends on your pace)


We reached Palestina Rolling hills via boat and a little bit of trekking that only took a few minutes. Palestina Rollings hills surely won’t disappoint you. Take a deep breath, enjoy the view of the magnificent nature, and take as many pictures as you want. 

How to get here:

You may rent a boat but you need to contact someone from the LGU of Bagamanoc to arrange it.


Located in Panganiban, Catanduanes, we traveled for 30 minutes by boat that docked at Kumagat beach. After taking a short rest, we began our trek to Lolong Point Lighthouse for a glimpse of a beautiful view of the open sea. It was amazing.

While on the other side, surfers may enjoy good huge waves especially during surfing season. Although Lolong Point is not exactly considered as rolling hills, it nevertheless deserves a visit. 


Located in Balagnõnan, Pandan, Cagnipa is where we saw the most beautiful views, probably the best that Catanduanes has to offer. The magnificent view of the beaches and seas would literally take your breath away. The trek going up wasn’t that difficult, just make sure to bring plenty of water with you. When we got there, there were a group of friends who were camping. So if you want to stay here overnight, it is a possibility. 

How to get here: 

  • From Virac Town Proper, you may take air-conditioned van to Pandan for 150php.
  • It is important to note that you must coordinate first with the Tourism Office of Pandan as they will provide you with information before going to the hills. Likewise, they may provide you a guide. 

Bonus: Should you have plenty of time, try visiting Tuwad Tuwadan Blue Lagoon for a swim. The turquoise water is very inviting, although it is quite rocky and the way down is a steep cement stairs, it is truly worth it. 

Located in Brgy. Balagnonan, it’s free of charge, just a small donation upon registering.  

Note: Both Cagnipa and Hiyop Rolling hills are in the municipality of 

Pandan. So you might as well visit these two once you’re already there! 

For more details and updated information, I highly recommend that you visit the Tourism Office of Catanduanes. 

Special thanks to Catanduanes Department of Tourism and Tourism of Promotions Board for this extra fun activity!  

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