Davao Bamboo Sanctuary: An Ideal Piece of Heaven

The van drove past the Philippine Eagle Sanctuary and made a turn to a small cemented road among the banana trees. The road is narrow, and some parts were steep. It made me wonder “Am I still in Davao City?” Several minutes later, the van stopped. I finally made it to Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park. [Check out our list of 14 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Davao City]

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary
Davao Bamboo Sanctuary | Photo by Ian Garcia / Wander Lust

Upon entering the park one can feel the cool breeze in the area. This is not surprising because the place is located at the tranquil part Baguio District and tucked in a large patch of trees. After confirming my booking, I, together with a few newly arrived guests, were welcomed by one of the Davao Bamboo Sanctuary staff, who gave us a short orientation about the park and how it came to be.

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary was originally meant to be a rest house of the De Veyra family, then they decided to turn it to a park after the feasibility study of their daughter for her university project showed positive results. The park then became a home to different bamboo varieties. The family opted bamboo because of its many uses. Apart from aiding in carbon sequestration, bamboos are also effective in controlling soil erosion and lessen the impact of the flood especially in the area.

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary
Davao Bamboo Sanctuary | Photo by Ian Garcia / Wander Lust

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary is a 3.5-hectare green forest and a home to twenty-six (26) varieties of bamboos including Thai and Japanese bamboo, Buddah’s Belly bamboo, dwarf bamboo and more. Davao Bamboo Sanctuary is also a home to different types of tree and wildflowers. The entire park is also filled with ornamental plants which are mostly strewn in its pathways. One of the trademark structures of DBS is its huge steel dome located in the center of the whole park. Vines can be seen to creep all over the structure and its aerial roots hang on the air. The dome is one of the favorite spots of DBS guests for photo shoots.

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary | Photo by Ian Garcia / Wander Lust

I was directed by another DBS staff to my room. The room is spacious with huge bed and soft and fluffy pillows. It is really ideal for relaxation – something that I longed for after months loaded with activities. The past months were about multiple meetings in a day, deadlines to beat, and other personal matters to attend to. Even my weekends were swamped with tasks which made me feel drained and closed to burn out. As an introvert, alone time is important for me in order to realign my thoughts and recharge my energy. As much as I wanted to get that much needed vacation, going out of town for days is not currently possible. I am left with looking for options as to where I can get some peace and quiet in this fast-growing city.

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary | Photo by Ian Garcia / Wander Lust

DBS offers different activities which its guests can avail such as Archery, Basketball, and kayaking. I personally love their swimming pool with water from natural spring. The water in the pool is cold and crystal clear making it perfect on hot days. The pool is also surrounded with lush vegetation which adds to the “nature feels” as you swim and enjoy the cold water.

My evening at DBS was perfect. I had a delicious meal and enjoyed the peace and quiet the place brings. Since mobile network signal in the area is limited, I got disconnected for a while and it felt great for it is what I needed — away from the noise of the city and the online world.

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary
Davao Bamboo Sanctuary | Photo by Ian Garcia / Wander Lust

I woke up the following day feeling refreshed. I ate my delicious breakfast and took another dip at their pool before packing up and preparing to head home. Being surrounded by nature got me recharged. I left the sanctuary a little after 1PM feeling positive and ready to take the world again.

How to Get To Davao Bamboo Sanctuary

  1. Take a bus or a van from Davao City proper. The terminal is in Bankerohan.
  2. Inform the driver or conductor to drop you off at Rose Bakeshop in Calinan near Isaguerre Clinic. The fare is Php40.
  3. From Rose Bakeshop, you can take the Bamboo Sanctuary’s shuttle service. The fare is Php50, one way. If your group is less than 4 people, you will pay Php150. Make sure to inform the resort that you are availing of the shuttle service upon reservation.

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary Entrance Fee

Adult Php250; Kids (4 to 0 y/o) Php150. Includes use of Spring pool, Kayaking, and Archery.

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