SM Clark to NAIA: 2019 P2P Bus Schedule

Schedule of bus trips from SM Clark to NAIA and from NAIA to SM Clark in the Philippines. Last updated on July 20, 2019.

Traveling from SM Clark to NAIA Terminal 3? Avoid missing your flight and travel affordably using the P2P Bus service of Genesis Transport. It has multiple daily schedules that allow you to leave Pampanga even in the early morning.

SM Clark to NAIA P2P Bus Schedule

P2P Bus schedule from SM Clark to NAIA 3

2:00 AM P2P Bus 380.00
3:00 AM P2P Bus 380.00
4:30 AM P2P Bus 380.00
5:30 AM P2P Bus 380.00
6:30 AM P2P Bus w/ CR 430.00
7:30 AM P2P Bus 380.00
8:30 AM P2P Bus 380.00
9:30 AM P2P Bus 380.00
10:30 AM P2P Bus w/ CR 430.00
11:30 AM P2P Bus 380.00
12:30 PM P2P Bus w/ CR 430.00
1:30 PM P2P Bus 380.00
2:30 PM P2P Bus w/ CR 430.00
3:30 PM P2P Bus 380.00
4:30 PM P2P Bus 380.00
5:30 PM P2P Bus w/ CR 430.00
6:30 PM P2P Bus 380.00
8:00 PM P2P Bus w/ CR 430.00
9:30 PM P2P Bus 380.00
10:30 PM P2P Bus 380.00
11:30 PM P2P Bus 380.00
12:30 AM P2P Bus 380.00

The terminal is located at SM Clark Transport Hub. The drop-off point in NAIA 3 is at Arrival Bay 14. You may contact Genesis Transport at 0919-072-2907 for questions and inquiries.


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  1. Does the P2P bus to NAIA from SM Clark take the NLEX and exit the tollgate at Bocaue? If so, how many hours longer does it take to arrive at NAIA?

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