6 Must-Try Food in Sagada [And Where to Find Them]

Sagada is not just a place where you can only scream aloud your heartaches. In fact, there are far many must-try foods in Sagada, you just have to find the perfect place to find them. Many have said that you have never traveled to this place if you’re not going to taste the must-try food in Sagada!

6 Must-Try Food in Sagada

Let’s start naming them and make sure you have a pen and paper with you to list them and never miss even just one meal from this list!


Another must-try food in Sagada, this is done in two processes depend on the person in charge. Etag is the Igorot’s traditional way to preserve the dried and salted pork that can last for a week or months when it’s sun-dried. The locals believe that by using wood to smoke Etag can bring more aromatic flavor to the meat.

You can try Etag at:  Salt N Pepper in South Road Sagada, or if you want to taste Etag with a twist, hop on to Rust ‘n Wood Café in Patok Sagada where they serve Etag Burger, Etag Sisig and Etag Carbonara.


From the name itself, pinikpikan’s cooking process entails beating the chicken with a stick to preserve its blood to the body as well as to make its meat to be tastier. This tastes like tinola but with a twist! Pinikpikan is a smoked chicken that comes along with soup and sayote. Meanwhile, others put some Etag while preparing pinikpikan to make it more mouth-watering.

You can try Pinikpikan at: Pinikpikan Haus located at Dao-angan, 2619, Sagada, Mountain Province and Lemon Pie House by reservation only.


This is the unique town’s version of siopao in the metro, Binaud is made up of rice flour for making its dough and filled with sayote leaves and salted pork intestines. Binaud is only being served during a special gathering, it’s better if you have someone you know living in Sagada and request them to prepare Binaud upon your arrival. 

Other Must-Try Food in Sagada You Should Not Miss

Sagada Lemon Pie House, South Rd, Sagada, Mountain Province

Good news for people who don’t love lemon that much, you can try Sagada’s lemon pie for only Php25 per slice and Php180.00 per pan. The pie’s citrusy flavor of this restaurant does not overpower the other ingredients.  

Yoghurt House, South Road, Sagada, 2619 Mountain Province

An iconic restaurant where you can try yoghurt with so many flavors like banana & grayola yoghurt, sagada honey, fruit in season yoghurt and banana pancake with yoghurt.

­Misty Lodge & Café, Staunton Rd, Sagada, Mountain Province

Must-try food in Sagada can be found here in Misty Lodge & Café, which is the Margherita Pizza where you can pair it with a hot chocolate drink. Many travelers have flocked in Misty Lodge & Café as the reviews are seemingly convincible and Margherita Pizza is a good value for money to complete your gastronomic adventure in Sagada.

As you enjoy any of the must-try food in Sagada on this list, do not forget to take photos to treasure those precious memories with you, that once in a while, in the middle of hectic life and work, you have been in Sagada.

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