8 Must-Try Food in Quezon Province [And Where to Find Them]

The province of Quezon is well-known for the festive Pahiyas celebration, old churches, surfing spots and beaches, heritage houses, and a wide array of unique foods! Just three-hour drive from the bustling metropolis of Manila, you will be tempted to take a road trip adventure to taste the must-try food in Quezon Province. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Quezon Province]

So, where do you find them? Check out this list!

Lucban Longganisa

For many decades, the longganisa of Lucban is the star of Quezon culinary cuisine. This delicious Filipino sausage has a distinct garlic flavor and enriched with coco vinegar, with just enough tinge of sweetness that makes breakfast or meal enjoyable. It is available in the local market, local stores, and stalls at the back of the Lucban Church.

Lucban Longganisa

Pancit Habhab

For noodle lovers, the Lucban’s Pancit Habhab is a must-try food in Quezon Province. The Miki noodles are sautéed with pork meat, chorizo, liver, sayote, and soy sauce with some vinegar drizzle. This tasty dish is eaten not with traditional utensils, but by slurping the pieces which are placed in the banana leaf. The eating style is called “habhab” or “hinahabhab para makain”. You can order this dish in local eateries and food stalls along the road.

Pancit Habhab | Photo by Doods Dumaguing under creative commons


It is a cassava cake, which is a perfect snack or pasalubong. It is made of grated cassava, coconut, eggs, sugar, margarine, and coconut with cheese topping. Each slice is wrapped in transparent plastic and costs P25. You can buy it in Kalye Budin and in the local market of Tayabas, Quezon.


Another popular dish of Lucban is the Hardinera, a variation of meatloaf with egg and bell pepper toppings. It is similar to Menudo or Kaldereta which is encapsulated in an oval llanera. It is often served during special occasions, but some local eateries and food stalls offer this delectable meatloaf.

Leche Puto

This steamed rice cake is made even better with the combination of popular Pinoy dessert leche flan or caramel custard. It is available in many stores in different towns of Quezon, in particular, Tayabas.

Yema Cake

Another yummy dessert, snack, or pasalubong is the Yema Cake. This fluffy sponge cake has a yema or custard candy filling and icing plus grated cheese topping. It tastes so good that every bite seems heavenly.  There are lots of bakeshops, local eateries, and souvenir stores that offer this kind of cake.

Puto Bao

It is a native delicacy from Agdangan and Unisan, which becomes an instant favorite of visiting tourists during the Niyogyugan Festival in Lucena City. It is made of glutinous rice (malagkit variety) with a purple-colored exterior. This rounded kakanin has a caramelized shredded coconut filling. You can find a lot of local stalls in Lucena offering Puto Bao.

Minukmok (Nilubak or Niyubak)

This traditional snack treat is made of saba, sugar, peanut butter and margarine. It was instrumental to a lot of successful romantic relationships in the province a long time ago. The pounding activity which also carried superstition served as the couple’s bonding moment. There was an old belief that the quality of the minukmok (fine or clumpy) determined the possible course of the relationship. Moreover, if their pestles hit each other, they are not meant for each other. At present, this yummy snack is available in different carenderias and local eateries in various parts of Quezon.

And while enjoying any of this must-try food in Quezon Province, do not forget to try the staple drink of this place-the Lambanog which is a perfect nightcap after your gastronomic adventure! nightcap after your gastronomic adventure!

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