6 Must Try Food in Leyte [And Where to Find Them]

Located at the Eastern Visayas, Leyte province encompasses 75% of the Leyte Island. Its capital city, Tacloban was hit by 2013 Super Typhoon Yolanda, one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Leyte]

It is also noted as the largest naval battle in history, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, during World War II. Despite these adversities that Leyte faced, it still remains strong and beautiful.

In fact, it preserves and houses the iconic falls and religious shrines. It is also rich in delicacies that only Leyte masters! Hence, apart from touring around, you should also include in your itinerary the must-try food in Leyte and where to find them:


Moron is one of the popular delicacies in Eastern Visayas specifically in Tacloban. It is made with glutinous and regular rice, sugar, coconut milk, and chocolate or cocoa tablets. It is cooked in low fire, wrapped in banana leaves, and serve as a quick snack. What makes it tasty is the butter mixed in the chocolate!

Taste it at Mary’s Abuyog Special Chocolate Moron at Iba Pa, Abuyog Public Market, Leyte.


A native delicacy of Leyte which is made with sweetened mashed giant taro called talian and packed in half of a banana leaf-covered coconut shell. The town of Dagami is the most known supplier of delicious Binagol.

Taste it at Aida’s Delicacies, P. Zamora Street, Tacloban City.


The Suman-Latik is also another version of rice cake. It is served with latik sauce to enhance the sweet flavor. You can also add grated coconut meat to complete the snack. Best served with hot chocolate or coffee, the Suman-Latik is definitely a must-try food in Leyte!

Taste it at Side Stall Vendors in Tacloban, Leyte.


Although you can see Bukayo sold in the different parts of the country, it is considered as a native delicacy in Leyte. It is made up of coconut, which is abundant in the Island, and a mixture of brown sugar. If you are someone who loves a really sweet dessert, you might enjoy this!

Buy it at Brgy. Arado, Burauen, Leyte.


Apart from the many sumptuous dishes that Calle Z offers, Bulalo is known to be their best seller. It is packed with vegetables, flavorful, tender, soft meat, and, of course, the delightful bone marrow! Its broth makes an awesome Bulalo best served in cold weather or after drinking session.

Taste it at Calle Zaragoza or Calle Z, Tacloban, Leyte.

Tacloban Barbecue

Tacloban is said to house the best Barbecue in the country. So as you visit Leyte, eating barbecue at night is an experience you shouldn’t miss. There are two recommendations we can give: the Baldevia Siblings’ Barbecue and Manang’s Native Chicken.

The former uses a secret sauce and special vinegar in marinating the barbecue. That’s why it’s been proven delicious. The latter, on the other hand, uses a native chicken in the barbecue. This gives a different face on the typical barbecue we taste. This must-try food in Leyte is worth the travel.

Taste it at Baldevia Siblings’ Barbecue stand along Rizal Avenue near the Tacloban Market or Manang’s Native Chicken along Justice Romualdez.

Beef Lomo Guisado

Barugo takes pride in the Lomo Guisado. It uses the tender part of the beef chopped into thin slices. It is cooked by being sauteed in garlic and ginger. Some also add beef blood for additional taste.

Taste it in Barugo, Leyte.

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