Island Escapes: 5 Top Beaches in Catanduanes
Top Beaches to go to Catanduanes

The Philippines is an archipelago sprawling with pristine islands and coastlines that are like no other. One cannot deny the beauty and grandeur that each and every region has to offer. It is a country so loved by both foreign tourists and locals because of its captivating landscapes. Wherever you go becomes a part of you, it leaves a mark on your heart that can never be replaced. 

Puraran Beach, Catanduanes

I’m glad to have visited Catanduanes along with the Tourism Promotions Board and Department of Tourism of Catanduanes staff where we searched and explored some of the most exquisite and less touristy beaches. 

During my stay in Catanduanes, I was really happy that island-hopping wast part of our itinerary. 

Are you ready? Let’s go! 

Batag Beach

Located just 15 to 30 minutes from Virac Airport, Batag Beach is a perfect go-to swimming spot for arriving visitors! On clear skies and sunny days, Batag Beach allows you to marvel at the majestic beauty of Mount Mayon from afar while enjoying the island’s white sand and crystal clear water. 

How to get there: Rent/Hire a habal-habal (motorcycle taxi) from Virac Airport. The regular fare costs 30PhP per person but do note that you still need to wait for other passengers going to the same destination. Otherwise, you can pay around 200 to 300PhP for a solo trip.

Where to stay:  Kubo cottages range from 350 to 500PhP. 

Tampad Beach

Tampad Beach is another perfect swimming destination with its clean and calm vibe. Tampad beach is where you can find the rock formation of Jesus’ face. There are actually two faces but I find the other one hard to notice.

It is one of the spots tourists are very curious of. 

How to get there:  Take a habal-habal from Virac City. It is actually close to Batag beach and a habal-habal ride costs almost the same as the one in Batag. Again, negotiate but don’t haggle too much. 

Where to stay:  Cottages cost 250PhP for a whole-day rental. You may also bring your own tent if you want to. Grills are also available (please confirm with the caretaker if they charge for the use or not). Overnight stay is not allowed, everyone must leave on or before 6 in the evening. 

Sakahon Beach

We actually got here very early to have breakfast, and although we didn’t get the chance to dip in the clear water, I was still able to wade through it. Surprisingly, the water was warm! 

There’s a toilet available and a small store being managed by the locals. 

How to get there: Barangay Bote, Bato, Catanduanes 

Where to stay:  Day trips only. 

Entrance fee: Adult – Php10 / Kids – Php5

Cottage fee: Php300/ Table Php150

Puraran Beach 

Puraran Beach is the best known for its surfing waves. Although it isn’t as fine as the other beaches in Catanduanes, anyone can still enjoy the view, go on picnics, sunbathe, and swim in some spots. The beach is not crowded most of the time, so you can enjoy the place by yourself or with your friends or family. If you want a great surfing experience, head to Puraran Beach. 

Where to stay:   There are also a variety of accommodations here ranging from shared rooms to private types. Cottages for overnight or day rentals are available, but do note that hostel types of accommodations aren’t yet available. 

Or  check Alon Surf Stay for an overlooking view of the entire Puraran Beach. 

Carangyan Beach 

The moment I stepped outside the accommodation’s balcony, the picturesque view of Carangyan Beach instantly caught my eyes that I wanted to jump right into the clear waters. But of course, I waited until after lunchtime before making my way down to the pellucid waters of Carangyan. Better prepare your bikini, sunscreen, and a hat! The sun can get really scorching hot! 

All the beaches mentioned above are open to the public. Just note that sometimes, transportation may be a little difficult as some public beaches are hard to reach. You may rent a car or habal-habal for your own convenience. 

Important thing you need to know: 

Most places in Catanduanes, especially the beaches, have poor internet signal. So, expect a very poor reception. Perfect chance to disconnect from chaos and reconnect with nature, isn’t it? 

Tips: Don’t forget to bring your OOTD and sunscreen! 

Special thanks to, Cai Dominguez of Alon Surf Stay, Mrs. Dolores E. Lyle of Carangyan Beach Resort, and Mrs. Cecilia Soria of Puraran Surf— for warmly accommodating us, hosting us and preparing delicious meals that absolutely made us full and our stomach happy! 

Disclaimer: Although all the beach destinations mentioned above were planned, arranged and sponsored by the Tourism Promotions Board and the Department of Tourism of Catanduanes, all reviews are honest and based on my own experience. 

Which one mentioned above have you been to? What’s your most favorite top Beaches to go to Catanduanes? ♡

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