7 Top Things To Do In Osaka
Osaka travel guide

If the main reason why you want to travel in Osaka is to see the Osaka Castle with full of cherry blossom trees, you might be missing out the best adventure in your life! We all know that what attracts the people to go to Osaka is due to its modern nightlife, jaw-dropping architecture styles and street foods.

To make your travel more profound, here are the top things to do in Osaka.

Experience the fun and excitement in Universal Studios Japan

The Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is the most requested by the kids and adventurous adults up to this day, since the most visited park in Japan offers rides, show attractions, street shows, and universal wonderland you can enjoy.

While you’re in USJ, you can have fun and feel the excitement at the following best attractions:

  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Minion Park
  • The Flying Dinosaur
  • Jurassic Park Ride

Visit the Osaka Castle

The Osaka Castle covers around two kilometers consisting of multi-purpose arena, sport facilities and Nishinomaru Garden where you can find over 600 cherry blossom trees, a teahouse, and most of all, the 8-storey museum.

Osaka Osaka
Osaka Castle | Photo by 663highland under creative commons

There are Samurai helmet and armor that you can try, historical artifacts and screen painting inside the museum. One of the top things to do in Osaka, especially here in Osaka Castle is to see the panoramic view of the city at the museum’s observation deck.

Explore Dotonbori

If there’s one activity that we highly recommend to all travelers in Osaka, it would be to explore the entertainment, food and shopping area of Osaka. Dotonbori is one of the main tourist destinations that every traveler will definitely forget to check the time.

Dotonbori | Photo by under yeowatzup creative commons

Famous restaurants in Dotonbori in no particular order are as follows:

  1. Zubora-ya
  2. Kukuru
  3. Hariju

Visit the Shitennoji Temple

One of the top things to do in Osaka is to pay a visit to Shitennoji Temple, the oldest temple in Japan. The Shitennoji Temple features a Japanese garden, they call it Gokuraku-jodo Garden, national treasures, and Cultural Properties.

Shitennoji Temple
Shitennoji Temple | Photo by そらみみ under creative commons

Every 21st and 22nd of the month, the Shittenoji Temple conducts a flea market from 8:00 to 4:00 with over 300 stalls of antiques, preloved clothes, textiles, and famous Osaka foods!

Sample of Osaka Food

Your travel will never be complete without trying out its famous food in which Osaka takes pride highlighting their local foods! Here are some of the best Osaka foods to try and where to find them:

  • Takoyaki in Aizuya Umeda
  • Okonomiyaki in Mizuno, Dotonbori
  • Fugu in Zuboraya, Dotonbori
  • Kushikatsu in Kushikatsu Daruma, Dotonbori

Visit Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

The largest public aquarium awaits everyone to see almost 30,000 creatures consist of 620 different species all in one place! There are interactive area where guests can feel the actual temperature as well as the noise, smells and the environment of each such as Arctic Region, Maldives Islands, and Falkland Islands.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan | Photo by At by At under creative commons

Travelers who arrive late in Osaka can still enjoy the Kaiyukan Night Aquarium that starts at 5:00PM

Explore the Legoland Discovery Center

From the eleven family attractions and activities, miniature city, build and test zone, and other challenges with limited time, kids will definitely not be bore in Legoland Discovery Center here in Osaka.

Legoland Discovery Center | Photo by Christophe95 under creative commons

Every month, the Legoland Discovery Center launches an “Adult Night” good for 16 years old and above. Whereas, the full 3 hours will be intended to watch 4D cinema, and enjoy the rides and attractions in full blast!

This list of top things to do in Osaka only shows that it’s never too late for everyone to enjoy traveling and trying out activities you have never done before! Osaka deserves the fame it receives as it continues to be enthralling and modernize.  

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