6 Must-Try Food in Pangasinan [And Where to Find Them]

Pangasinan is the biggest province in the Ilocos Region. It boasts white-sand beaches, caves, miraculous shrines and churches, and other famous tourist destinations in the country. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Pangasinan]

Because of its vast area, Pangasinan also houses coastal and agricultural products that made it into the top Panagsinense palate. As you visit the place, here are some of the must-try food in Pangasinan and where to find them:


Tupig is the rice cake version of Pangasinan. It is added with coconut meat strips for additional taste. It is rolled into banana leaves then grilled. Although Tupig is sold in different places like Tarlac, Socony of Pangasinan is where it originated.

Tupig in Villasis, Pangasinan | Photo by Ramon FVelasquez under creative commons

Taste it at Tupig Makers Pasalubong Center, MacArthur Highway, Villasis, Pangasinan.

Puto Calasiao

A sweet bite-sized rice cake is a dream of everyone. Calasiao, Pangasinan made it possible! Its sweetness comes from the rice juice that was gathered when grinding. They serve the famous Calasiao puto that comes in the flavors of strawberry, mango, ube, pandan, and the classic.

Puto Calasiao | Photo by Judgefloro under creative commons

Taste it at Side Stalls in St. Peter and Paul Cathedral at the Calasiao town plaza.


Kaleskesan is Pangasinan’s version of Papaitan. This can either use goat, beef, or pig innards as the prime ingredient. The innards are simmered in water and mixed with spices to taste. The animal fat also called as Sebo, is added to enhance the meaty flavor. Kaleskesan can be your go-to food in cold weather!

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Taste it at Street Side Stalls at Galvan Street in Dagupan.

Alaminos Longganisa

Longganisa is the Philippine version of sausage. The Alaminos Longganisa particularly has distinctive garlic, meaty, and salty taste. It is made up of pork meat and fat colored with red azuete. After adding the additional spices, the mixture is then wrapped in pork intestines into sausage-shape.

Buy it at Alaminos Public Market.


Pigar-Pigar is one of the quintessential dishes of Pangasinan. It is made of beef stir-fried with mixed vegetables primarily with onions and cabbage. Pangasinenses also use cow or carabao’s meat as an alternative. Although it originated in Alaminos, it is now widely served in all parts of the province. Don’t ever miss this must-try food in Pangasinan once you get there!

Taste it at Great Taste Pigar Pigar Restaurant, GT Bldg, Arellano Street, Dagupan, 2400 Pangasinan.


Binungey has a similar taste to Tupig but tastes sweeter. It is first wrapped in banana leaves then placed in a hollow bamboo tube. Once cooked, it is cut into half to expose the sticky rice cake inside. You can request for additional coconut meat in caramelized brown sugar as toppings.

Taste it at Side Stalls in Bolinao, Pangasinan. It can also be bought in Anda and Alaminos.

Apart from sightseeing the beautiful province, having a taste of the must-try food in Pangasinan will make your stay memorable. In fact, their food shows the real richness and diversity of their beautiful land.

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