10 Must-Try Food in Bohol That You Should Not Miss

Famous for the Chocolate Hills, which are recognized as one of the World’s Best Natural Wonders, Bohol has a lot to offer including culinary adventures. In this island province where food is an integral part of its unique culture, you may forget your diet for a while and indulge in the must-try food in Bohol.

This list of Bohol’s specialties will tickle your taste bud:

Sicuate (Chocolate Drink)

Before heading out to enjoy the scenic view of the hills and other attractions, begin your day with hot bittersweet chocolate of Bohol. It is made from cacao of Jagna, the maker of the best tablea in the Philippines. Check out Tablea de Maria Clara Café in Tagbilaran City for this delicious drink.

Chorizo de Bohol

Their version of chorizo is comparable to Chorizo of Cebu. There is a hint of garlic and sweetness that makes Chorizo de Bohol the best partner for steamy fried rice and egg. Most restaurants and eateries have it on their menu. Don’t forget to bring home some of this tasty, meaty food.


One of the must-try food in Bohol is calamay. This popular mid-afternoon snack is made of glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar, and peanuts. Look for the Calamay of Jagna because it is so yummy and comes in a coconut shell and sealed with a red band.



Another treat you should not miss in Bohol is the torta. It is a soft, moist, fluffy, and easy-to-swallow bread cake. This popular snack treat which can be bought in various eateries or local vendors.

Broa (Lady Fingers)

This soft yet crisp cookie will literally melt in your tongue. The best-tasting variation comes from Baclayon, Bohol. It is available in supermarkets, souvenir shops, and small kiosks in different parts of Bohol.

Peanut Kisses

Shaped like the Chocolate Hills, these miniature cookies are excellent dessert, snack, or pasalubong. This Bohol signature delicacy has a nutty crunch in each bite you take. You can buy them in different stalls, supermarket, and souvenir shops.

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Ubi Kinampay Polvoron

Bohol is the biggest producer of Ubi Kinampay or purple yam in the country. Because of this, it is no surprise that the best-tasting Ubi Polvoron with unique taste and aroma comes from this place. Their Ubi variety is also a favorite ingredient of locally-produced ice cream, shake, macaroon, cakes, candies, pastilles, pastries, and dishes. Ubi polvoron is available in different local souvenir shops and local market.

Malunggay Ice Cream

For only P60.00, you can beat the heat of summer with unique and delicious Malunggay Ice Cream from Buzz Café in Bohol Bee Farm of Panglao Island. It uses carabao and coconut milk with malunggay flavoring. It is served in a homemade cassava cone. You can also try the tomato, durian, and spicy ginger-flavored ice creams.

Tafias Chips

Have you ever tasted the world-renowned Tilapia chips of Bohol?  If the answer is no, then, you need to discover what makes it very popular among visiting tourists. This locally-produced product comes in different flavors- garlic, ginger, chocolate, or kalamansi and available in many stores and souvenir shops in the area.

Takla in Gata (Crayfish in Coconut Cream)

The crayfish comes from the abundant mangrove areas of Bohol. It tastes like a lobster or shrimp with a unique kick when cooked with coconut milk. Many restaurants and eateries serve this dish, but you should try the one from Saffron Restaurant of Amorita Resort.

There it goes, our mouth-watering list of must-try food in Bohol that helps you truly discover the culture of this beautiful place in Central Visayas. Malipayon Nga Pagkaon (Happy Eating!)

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