A DIY Travel Guide to Jomalig Island
DIY Travel Guide to Jomalig Island

I was planning to visit Jomalig Island since last year. I heard so many fascinating stories about this island and I was really curious to experience the raw beauty of the place. Since I am a solo traveler, I carefully planned my itinerary and did a lot of research about transportation and accommodation.  I was surprised that it will take 11 hours to reach Jomalig Island from my point of origin. But that didn’t stop me; it made me even more excited. [Check out our list of top beaches in Quezon Province]

DIY Travel Guide to Jomalig Island

Jomalig Island

The Island of Jomalig is the smallest town or municipality in Quezon Province. Located in the vast Pacific Ocean, the island is gaining popularity due to its aquamarine shores, untouched beauty and tropical vibes. From white to Golden sand, from Boracay to Batanes, Jomalig has it all. If you are willing to endure the 10 hours of travel from land and sea then you must pack your bags and get ready to embark on one epic adventure!

Jomalig Island - one of the vest beaches in Quezon Province
Welcome to Jomalig Island!



I know, this one sounds a little bit cheesy. I was really curious when I heard about this place, why it was called like that? To satisfy my curiosity I hop on the motorcycle (habal-habal) to know more about “Puno na Walang Forever”. This is the first destination for my habal-habal tour. The tree was standing alone in vast grassland and some witty tourist named it “Puno na Walang Forever” and the name stuck.

Now, It is one of the most visited places in the island, they even built a special ladder for those who want to climb. I did enjoy my visit to this tree, but the real charm of this place can be witnessed from midnight to dawn. “Puno na Walang Forever” is a perfect spot for stargazing and for milky way photography. You can coordinate with your Habal-habal driver to take you there for your awesome Milky Way shots.

“Puno na Walang Forever”


This is the second destination in my Habal-habal tour. Shining like grains of gold under the tropical sun, Sadong Golden Sand is a must visit place. The glistening sand matched with turquoise water is a sight to behold. The long stretch of golden fine sand with rock formations scattered all around the water is a picture perfect paradise.

The best time to visit the beach is during low tide where you can take a walk and explore different rock formations from one rock to another.

Entrance Fee: Php 20

SADONG GOLDEN SAND in Jomalig Island
The long stretch of fine golden sand.


Lingayen Cove or famously known as Little Batanes is a go-to paradise in the island of Jomalig. The cove is surrounded by high jagged rock cliffs and lush trees that create a Batanes-ish appeal.

Going there was not easy but all your efforts will pay off once you reached this peaceful piece of heaven. Fine white sand and azure waters await for those who are brave enough to visit this cove. You can hike those huge rocks and get stunned by the astonishing beauty of the shore. The view is just breathtaking.

Entrance fee: Php 50

Lingayen Cove or Little Batanes in Jomalig Island
Lingayen Cove or Little Batanes


If you want to experience Boracay in a different island and in a more relaxed vibe then you should visit Little Boracay in Jomalig. Fine, sugary white sand and crystal clear water are just some of the mesmerizing aspects of this wonderful beach.

The long coastline is dotted with tropical palm trees and pristine shore. There are “duyan” or swing along the shore to laze around during hot summer afternoon. The beach is calm and it offers endless tropical island vibe. Little Boracay is an ideal spot for your Facebook and Instagram goals.

Entrance fee: Php 50

LITTLE BORACAY in Jomalig Island
LITTLE BORACAY in Jomalig Island


For my fourth destination, I visited Kanaway Beach. This beach is popular because of the sand riffles that appear during low tide. If you’re wondering what a sand riffle is, it is a formation of the sand that looks like waves caused by receding water. This is one of the best attractions in Kanaway. Also, there are rock formations around the beach and you can also go to another island on foot.

Entrance fee: Php 50

KANAWAY BEACH in Jomalig Island
Sand Riffles at Kanaway Beach


To wrap up my Habal-habal tour I visited Salibungot beach to observe the Golden sunset of Jomalig Island. I arrived at the beach at around 5:30 which is the perfect time to witness the spectacular sunset and it didn’t disappoint me. The orange to golden sky was magical and awe-inspiring. The stillness of the wide horizon combined with the perfectly shaped sun is just surreal.

Sitting at the beach and letting things unfold before my eyes were just enchanting and fulfilling. It will make you realize that life is full of wonder and nature always have something to makes us feel small and alive.

Magically Enchanting
New Found friends. While waiting for the sun to set.



  • If you are coming from Batangas, go to Turbina Bus terminal in Calamba Laguna.
  • From Turbina ride a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal. Fare is Php 154. Travel time is 3 hours.
  • From Lucena Grand Terminal take the bus bound to Infanta. Ordinary Buses depart at around 3am. Fare is Php 187. Travel time is 4 hours. Asked the driver to drop you off at Ungos port.
  • When you arrived at Ungos port head straight to the ticketing booth and ask for the availability of the boat. According to some port officers there is no definite time when it comes to the arrival and departure of the boat. Due to the increasing number of tourist visiting the island there are possibilities that you might get stranded on the port so make sure to be there as early as 4am. They also prioritize local (native to the island) passengers from tourists. Fare is Php 400 with a free meal. Travel time is approximately 5 hours, it is long and tiring but you’ll get used to it.
  • Upon arrival, everyone is required to pay the Php 170 environmental fee.
  • Php 70 for Habal- habal going to your preferred resort.


  • Passenger boats from Jomalig port leave as early as 5am. If you are planning to leave early then you must coordinate with the resort personnel so that they can arrange your habal-habal (motorcycle) going to the port.
  • When you arrive at Jomalig port, buy your ticket and have your name listed in the passenger’s manifesto. The ticket cost is Php 400 one way, with a free meal. Travel time is 4 to 5 hours.
  • If you want to travel to Manila by bus then you must ride a tricycle going to Infanta Bus Terminal. There are tricycles waiting outside Real port. Fare is 200, good for 4 to 6 persons.
  • Also, there are passenger vans waiting inside the port going to Manila and to SM Calamba. Fare is around Php 220.


For the Accommodation, I highly recommend Apple Beach Resort. The resort is secluded and peaceful with no annoying crowds and noisy tourist. They don’t have any neighboring resorts so you can totally enjoy the beautiful beach with fewer travelers. Their shoreline is long and captivating with fine white sand and aquamarine waters.

Aside from this, what makes Apple Beach Resort special is its friendly and very welcoming staff. I don’t feel like a tourist at all, I felt like I was visiting a long lost cousin or friends. I have to give credit to Daxs, Ambek , ate Dory, kuya Tirso ,Mother Ning-Ning and to all the kind and nice people of the resort, thank you for the warm welcome and I missed you guys already. If you are looking for a calm and relaxing environment then Apple beach Resort is the place for you.

Apple Beach squad!

To reach Apple Beach Resort you need to cross a river/water channel via a makeshift raft. This is a must try and a thrilling adventure. This is one of the unique traits of Apple Beach Resort. They allowed tent pitching for just Php 50 per night/per head. Tent rental is around Php 200. They also offer rooms good for 2 to 4 persons for just Php 500 per night.

For bigger groups like 15 to 25 persons, they offer large rooms with 2 adjoining bedrooms for just Php 1000 to 1500 per night. Also, they serve a complete meal for just Php 150. Entrance fee is Php 100 per head. They can also arrange your Habal-habal tour for just Php 600.

For Reservation please contact:

Dax Manlogon – 0915 799 2954

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/applebeachresort0210/


  • Plan carefully. Jomalig Island is now becoming a popular travel destination that’s why going there can be really challenging. Be sure to leave Manila as early as possible to avoid hassle and delays.
  • Bring extra money. I know that in some blogs they only state that 3500 is the estimated budget per person but the reality is, you’re going to spend much depending on your situation. Make sure to bring extra cash.
  • Bring your power banks because the electricity is only available from 1pm to 5am.


  • Plan ahead prepare
  • Travel and camp on durable spaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitos.


Edss Tolentino is an aspiring travel writer. He love’s adventure, isolated beaches and islands and a bottle of beer under the tropical sun. He wants to explore the 7,641 islands of the Philippines and share it’s beauty to the world.

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