Explore the Top 5 Beaches in Bohol

The first thing that comes to mind when Bohol is mentioned is its Chocolate Hills. That is fair since its popularity is backed by its natural beauty. What is not so popular is its beaches that actually deserved to be explored and experienced.

Top Tourist Spots in Bohol
Top Tourist Spots in Bohol

To those traveling to Central Visayas, Bohol is a must-visit place. We have listed our top picks of the 5 beaches in Bohol to add to your itinerary. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Bohol]

Top Beaches in Bohol

Alona Beach

Located in Panglao Island, Alona Beach is a place of pristine waters and raw forestry but still has all the modern amenities like hotels and bars.

Alona Beach

The place is a famous destination for tourists wanting to scuba dive and explore the waters, and for ecologists researching on the flora and fauna of the island. There is also the nearby Hinagdanan Cave which is lit by sunlight going through the holes and crevices of the cave. Of course, the nightlife is good here. The area becomes like a festival where local bands serenade the tourists and local food that fill them up.

Danao Beach

Danao Beach is famous for its Kalipayan Dive, one of the 19 recorded diving spots in Bohol. The beach is near to Alona Beach but has lesser people. If you are looking for a more private and secluded beach experience, this one’s for you.

When visiting here at the months of May or June, swimmers may meet the elusive yet aggressive Titan Triggerfish. Make sure your action camera is on so you can take home a record of this rare creature.

Dumaluan Beach

Another lesser-known beach in Panglao Island is Dumaluan Beach. It is a known site for scuba diving and sport fishing. That is why the beach is packed to the brim during summertime where the waves are the strongest.

It is relatively close to Panglao International Airport which makes it accessible from both Filipino and foreign tourists. The beach hosts many sports activities like jet ski competitions or just casual kayaking.

The nearby bars can be your haven for a drink by the beach when the day is finished.

Virgin Island Beach

The name tells it all. Virgin Island Beach is far from your commercialized beach where cement has replaced all-natural creations. Here, nature is still intact with its sprawling coral reefs where the bright-color fishes illuminate the deep blue water.

When the sun is out, the white sand shines and usually habituated by large starfishes. Camping overnight here is not recommended since there are no hotels or motels to accommodate the visitors.

Make sure you watch the seaweeds below when you are getting nearby to the island. The plants give an illusion like you are floating above the clear water.

Bagobo Beach

Some of us are born thrill-seekers and jumps at any opportunity to do so. At Bagobo Beach, you can find the popular diving spot, Arco Point. Somewhere in this diving area is a hidden cave where light is rare. Only the bravest of divers have a tale to tell on exploring it.

The best thing here is you will not find yourself cramped with other visitors since the island only has minimal lodging. Due to the lesser influx of visitors, the marine life is unbothered. You can see Raggy Scorpionfish, white-eyed moray eels, black-finned snakes, and Sergeant Major fishes.

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