Top 5 Beach Resorts in Zambales

In Zambales, you will surely enjoy beaches with pearl-white shores as well as mountain ranges with breathtaking views. Located in Central Luzon, the province is definitely an underrated vacation spot! [Check out our list of top beaches in Zambales]

Top 5 Beach Resorts in Zambales

For your next trip this summer, we have compiled the top 5 beach resorts in Zambales you can stay in for a night or a week!

Top 5 Beach Resorts in Zambales

Crystal Beach Resort

For a premium and all-star experience, the Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso is truly the best option for those with the budget.

Address: Barangay La Paz, San Narciso Town, Zambales, Philippines

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Its 8-hectare land is home to their many rooms, a large restaurant, conference halls, camping spots, and parking area. You can also do surfing and island and waterfall-hopping if you want to explore more. On their website, you can check all the upcoming activities in the resort. You might want to catch a small music festival during your stay there.

Moonbay Marina Leisure Resort

Cave in and splurge yourself by staying at the Moonbay Marina Leisure Resort, a resort inspired by French and Spanish seaside homes. You can choose from their three luxurious rooms: La Luna, El Sol, La Estrella, and El Viento.

Address: Block 5 Lot 1 Moonbay Marina Ave., Freeport Zone, Subic (Zambales), Philippines

Room rates start at Php3,300 per night

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As with any high-end resorts, the food is also great. Dine at Cafe Azul and drink at Pier One Bar & Grill after and you will definitely notice the caliber of food preparation here. Their Moonbay Marina Waterpark is also a fun place to enjoy the water and do sports. No doubt this has been listed as one of the top beach resorts in Zambales!

The Lighthouse Marina Resort

This resort’s lighthouse allows visitors to view Subic Bay and Freeport Zone from atop. The Lighthouse Marina Resort is an exclusive resort surrounded by white sand and fronts the deep blue waters of Zambales.

Address: Moonbay Marina Complex, Water Front Road, Waterfront Road, CBD, Freeport Zone, Subic (Zambales), Philippines

Room rates start at Php6,600 per night

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According to its website, it is considered the top hotel out of the 26 other hotels in Subic. This is because of their 34 premium rooms and attentive customer service. The resort is also a partner establishment for the International Coastal Cleanup in Zambales. You know that the resort truly loves its place.

Camayan Beach Resort

Some of us get tired of the beach and want new experiences. At Camayan Beach Resort, there are plenty of activities so you can make the most of your days in Zambales.

Address: Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Freeport Zone, Subic (Zambales), Philippines

Room rates start at Php4,250 per night

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Start with a hearty breakfast at The Reef Restaurant, then bike through the nearby rainforest, snorkel with the fishes and corals underneath, go for a shiatsu massage to relax, and end the day with drinks at The Sandbar and Game Room. If you are feeling lucky, play their online raffle promo at the website.

Mangrove Resort Hotel

The Mangrove Resort Hotel is also a prestigious hotel with many rooms, conference halls, a parking area, and an infinity pool on the third floor. You can sunbathe near the pool while you get served with cocktail drinks. They also take pride in their restaurant that serves both local and western delicacies to please your taste buds.

Address: Baloy Long Beach Road , Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City, Subic Bay, Subic (Zambales), Philippines

Room rates start at Php4,100 per night

Check availability and book

Noted as one of the top beach resorts in Zambales, the Mangrove Resort Hotel also offers a wide variety of water activities such as kayaking, jet skiing, swimming, and so much more!

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