Car Rental Guide In The Philippines

Do you need a car for your planned getaway around the Philippines? It’s more practical to rent a car than to buy one, especially in the Philippines where the market price can increase lucratively. From the car’s selling price you have to purchase, there is a monthly or quarterly maintenance schedule you have to comply that also includes thorough research which of the reliable car insurance companies you should get according to your budget. Book online!

Car Rental Guide In The Philippines

Recommended Types of Car for Your Needs

Choosing which type of vehicle you should rent is crucial before you approach any of the car rental providers in the Philippines. As part of this car rental guide in the Philippines we prepare just for you, here are the car types you need to check out and line with your needs.

Hatchback (Mirage, Picanto, Celerio, Wigo, Eon, and Brio S)

This has the capacity to accommodate up to 5 persons maximum and 2 large cargo. Hatchback is great for a small family that would like to go on a road trip or out of town over the weekends.

Sedan(Vios, Altis, Audi A4, Civic, Mazda 2, and Ford Focus)

A little bigger than the hatchback car models, Sedan has the same capacity to accommodate 5 persons but more space for a total of 4 cargos to be placed in the compartment.

SUV (Montero Sport, Land Cruiser, Everest, Expedition, and Land Rover Range Rover)

For a large group of passengers, SUV is the best choice if you’re 5 to 8 in a group.  SUVs are actually recommended for both business and leisure travelers in the Philippines for it can handle 4 large of cargos and more spacious seats.

Van (Grandia, Hiace Commuter, Super Grandia, Starex, Nissan Urvan, Grand Carnival and Toyota Alphard)

Company outings, reunion and corporate service, there is no other type of car you need but to rent a van, this has the capacity to take up as much as 8 to 15 passengers and 6 pieces of luggage.

How to Save Even When Renting A Car in the Philippines?

Most of the renters would think that renting a car in a daily basis would help them to lessen their expenses. In this case, if you are in the Philippines for business purpose and you have to go on different venues and meetings for a month, it would be best to rent a car in a monthly basis.

Car rental companies in the Philippines offer discounted rates for long-term lease. Here’s the difference between daily and long term car rental fees.

For a hatchback car the daily rate is Php1,200 per day but if you plan to rent it for a month, the car rental company will only charge you Php1,000.00 per day.

Number Coding System in Metro Manila, Philippines

This is essential information you should never ignore for as long as you are in the country, failing to comply with the number coding system, it’s either your license will be confiscated or the traffic enforcer will issue traffic violation ticket.

Furthermore, here’s the number coding system:

Day of Week Vehicles Ending In
Monday 1,2
Tuesday 3,4
Wednesday 5,6
Thursday 7,8
Friday 9,0

Renters don’t need to worry about unregistered cars since all the vehicles provided by the rental companies are all plated.

Common Road Violations You Need To Prevent As Much As Possible

This part of our car rental guide in the Philippines, aims to duly inform every car driver about the common road violations you need to prevent.

  1. Disregarding traffic signs
  2. Obstruction
  3. Illegal parking
  4. Reckless driving
  5. Illegal counterflow

Avoiding committing any of the violations mentioned above, guarantees that you will enjoy your stay in the Philippines or for a smooth driving experience despite of the heavy traffic in the country.

Common Channels of Renting a Car in the Philippines

Online. This is the most convenient and hassle-free way of renting a car in the Philippines. It’s also usually cheaper than arriving in the airport and physically book a car rental. You may book through They have a huge network of companies that provides car rentals in the country.

Tour companies or travel agencies. Before you fly to the Philippines, you may also approach your trusted travel agency or tour company to book your car rental in the Philippines in advance as they usually have a car rental partner in the country.

Booking Counters at the Airport. If you have an unplanned trip to the Philippines or you are too busy to book your car rental in advance, this is probably your best option. This is usually more expensive compared to the two above, but if money isn’t an issue, this should be good to go!

Car Rental Providers in the Philippines

To provide you a complete car rental guide in the Philippines, here are some of the car rental companies and its requirements you can consider when canvassing.

As mentioned above, the best and most convenient way to rent a car is by booking online. But, if you are already in the country and would like to book for a car rental, this is our list of car rental companies in the Philippines and their requirements.

Reserve Car Rentals

#8270 Dr. A Santos Avenue, Paranaque City, Metro Manila
Price Range: Php1,200 to Php15,000

This car rental business has two branches located in Metro Manila, and Cebu City to cater to a wide range of clients who are in dire need of vehicles. This car rental company also has an application compatible with iOS and android phones to reserve a car for you anytime and anywhere you go. Reserve Car Rentals aims to be the leading car hire company in the Philippines, and in order to achieve that, all cars are brand new and well maintained by their staff to ensure that customers enjoy smooth driving. Book Now!


Reserve Car Rentals offer discounted prices for customers who reserve vehicles for long term use. In addition to that, they offer doorstep delivery and pick-up service with corresponding rates for first-time customers.


Customers living within Metro Manila and Cebu City are required to submit a driver’s license, original passport, current utility billing and government IDs indicating your current home address. While for the customers living outside the mentioned cities above, same requirements also apply, and airline tickets with dates of return to the country.

Contact Details

Mobile: 09955157468/09475205597
Facebook Page:

Juzz Rent

#1 Mercedes Ave. Pasig
Price Range: Phpq1,200 to Php2,200

One of the registered car rental companies in the Philippines that mainly serves customers based in Metro Manila. It does not require any of the renters to submit a complicated list of documents and requirements. All you have to provide when renting a car in Juzz Rent would be a valid government-issued ID and passport, if you’re a foreigner you just have to give them your IDP (International Driving Permit) good for 90 days. Book Now!


As part of their mission to make car rental in the Philippines more convenient for everyone, Juzz Rent offers multiple payment methods such as ATM deposit machine, online bank transfer, over the counter deposit, and credit card.


Juzz Rent does not collect rental payment until the car is delivered at your doorstep, until then any of their staff are not allowed to receive advance cash payment without the car.

Contact Details

Mobile Numbers: 09989893253/09178938478
Facebook Page:


G/F Somerset Olympia Building, Makati Avenue corner Sto. Tomas St. Makati City
Price Range: Php2,250 to Php5,500
This is an authorized licensee of Hertz Global Holdings Inc. and one of the best services they can cater to the clients is the 24 hours of support and assistance. The 24 hours support service of Hertz is actually good for renters who are in need of a vehicle especially during midnight or beyond the office hours of other car rental companies for emergency purposes and sudden road trip. Book Now!


Over the years of providing high quality car for rent, Hertz received multiple awards such as Traveler’s Choice for Car Rental in 2015, Best Rewards Program in 2016 during the FlyerTalk Awards, and Best Domestic and International Car Rental Company in 2015.


If you want to reserve or rent a car for you, Hertz highly suggest to contact them thru their mobile numbers and website. Their official Facebook page is not a customer service channel but rather a platform for promotion, reminders, and travel insights.

Contact Details

Landline Number: (020 892 02 74
Email: / Facebook Page:

It’s important to always read this car rental guide in the Philippines every time you need a vehicle for both personal and business use to save more time, money and avoid road violations.

Got any questions or concerns? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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