Create Summer Stories at the 5 Best Beaches in Romblon!

Many of us know Romblon for its Italian-quality marble, but the province is also a paradise for beach lovers. It also has mountain ranges and waterfalls which constantly attract tourists and local travelers. If you are planning to head to this beautiful province, we have listed the 5 best beaches in Romblon that you might want to consider exploring. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Romblon]

Top Tourist Spots in Romblon
Top Tourist Spots in Romblon

5 Best Beaches in Romblon

Bonbon Beach

After booking a hotel at downtown Romblon (the town), Bonbon Beach is only 5 kilometers away so this could be your first stop. On sunny days, the pearly white sand shines just like the water.

The beach is kept pristine since no resorts or establishments have been erected here yet. Also, time your trip right to witness the sandbar. It is a long stretch of sand which is only there during low tide. It connects Bonbon Beach to Bang-og Island. Camping is allowed here but you need to secure permission first from the beach’s owner.

Binucot Beach

Located in Tablas Island which is separated from the mainland, Binucot Beach is a land like no other. The calm waters, the orange light during sunrise reflecting on the deep blue ocean, the wild cliffs, everything here seems to be right out of a fantasy book.

There are many resorts on the beach which you can choose from. Most of them offer a simple room like wooden bungalows with minimal amenities. There is also a floating restaurant for those who want to be adventurous in their dining experience. Indeed, this is one of the best beaches in Romblon for the unique activities it offers!

Cresta de Gallo Islet

The Cresta de Gallo Islet is a secluded and bare island so if you are planning to go here, bring all the food and supplies you will need.

Cresta de Gallo | Photo by Edss Tolentino

The islet is famous for its wide sandbar, both on each side, that leads to the main part of the islet which is covered with thick vegetation. This is a trip for those looking for a more gritty yet pure beach experience. There is an island caretaker too residing in a nipa hut so you can ask them for assistance about anything. [Check out our DIY Travel Guide to Cresta de Gallo]

Aglicay Beach

Aglicay Beach Resort is a good jump-off point for your island-hopping trip in Romblon. It has deluxe bungalows, a restaurant and cafe, a banquet hall, and most importantly, Wi-Fi connection.

It is also a known place for scuba divers, both professionals, and amateurs, who want to explore the marine life underneath the waters. This can also be one of the best beaches in Romblon for hikers since there is an established trail that allows you to gain a clear view of the island and the beach.

If you are looking to hold an event in Romblon and want to explore the beaches after, this is your place.

Tiamban Beach

Living in urban areas make us forget how raw our forests and beaches are. Tiamban Beach will make you realize that.

Behind the beach are hectares of dense rainforest with rich biodiversity. That is why the beach attracts not just tourists, but ecologists and mountaineers too. It has good picnic spots which are under the trees and far from the shorelines. There are few resorts here so make sure you book early.

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