Top Tourist Spots in Zamboanga del Sur [And How To Get There]

Zamboanga Del Sur is not your typical province. Compared to other provinces in the south, this is an urbanized city in the Zamboanga Peninsula which stores different attractions popular to foreign and domestic travelers. This province is the home of Baguio of the South and the stunning Sta. Cruz Island popular for having pink sands. To know more about the city’s attractions, here’s the list of the top tourist spots in Zamboanga Del Sur. [Check out our Zamboanga City Travel Guide]

Top Tourist Spots in Zamboanga del Sur
Top Tourist Spots in Zamboanga del Sur

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

Merloquet Falls

Merloquet Falls is one of the top tourist spots in Zamboanga Del Sur that has unique features compared to other falls in the country. This one looks like a staircase where the water flows down, creating a per level waterfalls. At the bottom of the falls, you can see a basin of water which serves as a pool for tourists who want to swim.

Merloquet Falls
Merloquet Falls | Photo by: @jepepips

Once Islas

This tourist destination is a new eco-cultural tourism spot. This place has 11 combined islets and islands which are mostly uninhabited. One good thing about this tourist place is that it remains untouched by human development. This is a perfect place if you really want a natural experience in Zamboanga del Sur. [Check out our travel guide to Once Islas]

Once Islas

Sta Cruz Island

Among the top tourist spots in Zamboanga Del Sur, Sta Cruz Island is the most popular. When tourists hear the name of this province, they quickly associate it with this famous island. Who wouldn’t want a great escapade in this pink coralline sand island? Apart from the pink corals sprouting in the white sand, you can also observe the green trees swaying gracefully when the wind is active.

Tourist spots in zamboanga del sur: Sta Cruz Island

Fort Pilar

Fort Pilar served as a military fortress during the 17th century and was built by the Spanish government. If you are something who get excited with historical places, you should miss this out as this will give you the chills of the 17th century. This place is located in Sta Barbara St in Zamboanga del Sur.

Yakan Weaving Village

This village is located in Upper Calarian, just 7 kilometers west of the city in Zamboanga Del Sur. The Yakan Weaving Village is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Despite the fact that it attracts people, it remains intact as a village. You can also get to know about Yakan people if you choose to drop by this village.

Pasonanca Park

This park stores several tree houses. It is a nature park designed to give the public a relaxing tour. They also call it the Baguio of the South because of the cold breezes and green surroundings. If you want to experience Baguio but in the southern part of the Philippines, check out this destination.

Pasonanca Park

Puting Balas Sandbar

For as low as P600 pesos, you will get a chance to visit the white sandbar in Zamboanga del Sur. This white paradise is located in Pagadian City, the capital of Zamboanga Del Sur where lots of tourist spots can be found. Aside from the stunning beaches in the island, you will be amazed by the unique inclined tricycles they use here to transport passengers from one place to another.

How to get to Zamboanga del Sur

The gateway to Zamboanga del Sur is Zamboanga City. Daily flights are available from Manila, Cebu, and Davao to Zamboanga City. Alternatively, you can also take a boat from Davao, Manila, and Iloilo to reach the province. Buses can also be taken from Cagayan de Oro and the rest of Zamboanga Peninsula.


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