Top Tourist Spots in Tawi-Tawi [And How To Get There]

Tawi-Tawi is considered to be the farthest province in the Southern part of the Philippines. Contrary to what most people think, Tawi-Tawi is a breathtaking island where a lot of enchanting beaches lies. Apart from beaches and bodies of water, it stores the oldest mosque of the country and is home to “the Venice of the South”. So, if you want a thrilling adventure far away from the bustled urban places, here’s the list of the top tourist spots in Tawi-Tawi.

Top tourist spots in Tawi-Tawi
Top tourist spots in Tawi-Tawi

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Tawi-Tawi, Philippines

Bud Bongao Peak

Tawi-Tawi welcomes you with its sacred mountain called the Bud Bongao Peak. It is a famous tourist destination in the province with a height of 340-meter above the sea. It is a holy place for both Muslims and Christians. This mountain actually houses 3 maintained shrines that you can access by trekking the long and slippery road. Nevertheless, you should not miss out on the adventure and holiness of your trip! [25 Stunning Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Tawi-Tawi]


Sitangkai is one of the top tourist spots in Tawi-Tawi and is popular for being the “Venice of the South”. This place is truly an endless paradise combined with other islands such as the Omapuy, Sibutu, Sipangkot, and Tumindao. By visiting Sitangkai, you will witness white sand beaches, coral reefs stretched out in the deep blue sea, and other rich marine resources.

Panampangan Island

This tourist destination looks like a floating island from above. If you take a look from afar, you will see the beauty of the crystal clear sea as it reflects the color of the sky. This island extends to about 3, 128 meters. This will surely give you a relaxing and fun moment just by sitting on the shorelines.

Top tourist spots in Tawi-Tawi - Panampangan Island

Sheik Karimol Makhdum Mosque

Mosques don’t just exist in Islamic countries. There are some built in the Philippines and one of the oldest of them is in Tawi Tawi, which is the Sheik Karimol Makhdum Mosque. This place dates us back in 1380 and in spite of its golden age, there are still remains of its original foundation inside. According to its management, some of the pillars inside cannot be cut nor moved for some unknown reasons.

Saluag Island

One of the top tourist spots in Tawi Tawi is Saluag Island. This is not your typical island. Most of the people who come here are delivered into the state of tranquility as the spot gives a calm and mesmerizing feeling. Apart from being a tourist destination, this is also a home for indigenous tribes in the Philippines namely the Sama Dilaut and Tausug. Saluag island is the southernmost inhabited island in the Philippines. [Check out our journey to the Saluag – the Southernmost inhabited island in the Southern Philippines]

Top Tourist spots in Tawi-Tawi Saluag Island

Sibutu Island

Sibutu is home to numerous pristine white sand beaches. It’s far from the mainland Tawi-Tawi and is closer to Sabah, Malaysia. Interestingly, Malaysian products are sold on the island. Also, some of the TV channels are Malaysian. Moreover, the sunrise in Sibutu Island is magical.

Sibutu Island
Sibutu Island
Sunrise in Sibutu Island
Sunrise in Sibutu Island

How to get to Tawi-Tawi

The airport in Tawi-Tawi is located in Sanga-Sanga, just a few minutes drive from the capital town of Bongao. In order to go to Tawi-Tawi, you need to fly Zamboanga and take another flight to Bongao/Sanga-Sanga or an overnight ferry. If you choose to fly, you can ride a tricycle from the airport to your hotel in Bongao. To go to other other islands, you will need to take another boat. Going to Sibutu, you will have to ride a 3 hour-boat to get to the island. There is also an overnight ferry to Sitangkai and just hire a boat to cross to Sibutu. These two islands are relatively close to each other.


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