Top Tourist Spots in Tarlac [And How To Get There]

In Central Luzon, you will find some interesting tourist spots in Tarlac. The province is increasingly becoming a travel destination due to a number of historical and natural attractions found in the area. You can do karting, soul searching, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities here.

Top Tourist Spots in Tarlac

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Tarlac, Philippines

Tarlac Recreational Park

This all-in-one outdoor sports and recreational park is 78-hectare wide. It’s usually a venue for athletic competitions in Tarlac. Also, relaxing and camping are the common reasons families and barkadas visit this park. Some common activities here are biking, swimming, and even fishing.

Top Tourist Spots in Tarlac: Tarlac Recreational Park
Tarlac Recreational Park

Kart City Tarlac

Go-karting has become an attraction in Tarlac since it was opened to the public. A perfect weekend getaway for those who want to bond with their family, especially their kids. These four wheels will surely bring out your adrenaline rush while having some fun.

Aquino Center & Museum

A historical site that will bring you to the past is the Aquino Center & Museum. This is one of the highlights when you visit the tourist spots in Tarlac. While enjoying the educational displays, you can also learn from the information attached in each relic. If you’re a fan of the late President Cory and her late husband, this is the place for you.

Capas National Shrine

When it comes to landmarks, this is what Tarlac is famous for. It was built to honor the Filipinos and Americans who survived and endured the Bataan Death March. The centerpiece of this shrine is the pillar with a height of 70 meters. With trees surrounding the area, did you know that each of the trees was dedicated to every fallen soldier during the World War II?

JSJ Goat Farm

A delightful tour to a goat farm is indeed a memorable experience only Tarlac offers. This is conveniently located in Barangay Caruray, Gerona. You’ll have the chance to see how their milk products are made and get a taste of fresh goat’s milk.

Monasterio de Tarlac

Located in Mt. Resurrecion, this monastery can be reached within 45 minutes via vehicle from the town proper. It’s ideal for pilgrimage and spiritual travelers who want to enjoy peace and quiet while finding solace in this beautiful place. Also, it is home to the True Cross of Christ relic with a gigantic statue of the Risen Christ measuring 30 feet.

Ylang-ylang Center

If you pass by Anao, don’t miss the opportunity to drop by the Ylang-ylang center. One of the tourist spots in Tarlac that showcases international scent market that’s proudly-Pinoy made. It has successfully penetrated the global perfumery industry with this local flower, Ylang-ylang.

How to get to Tarlac

There is no commercial airport in the province of Tarlac. The closest airport is in Clark. From Clark Airport, you can take a jeepney to Dau Bus Terminal. From there, ride any north-bound bus that will pass by Tarlac. The buses usually have stopvers in Tarlac. If you are coming from Manila, buses going up north are available in Pasay, Cubao, Sampaloc, and Caloocan. Make sure you ask the driver or conductor if it will pass by Tarlac.


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