Top Tourist Spots in Sultan Kudarat [And How To Get There]

Sultan Kudarat is a province where you can find the calmest beaches, the most quiet forests, and different species of air and sea animals. In fact, it is a location where you can find one of the grandest capitol complex designed for government officials and open for public visits. It is also a nice spot for hiking and trekking as mountains and peaks here are easy to climb. If you are planning your trip to this location, here’s the list of the top tourist spots in Sultan Kudarat.

Top Tourist Spots in Sultan Kudarat

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Sultan Kudarat, Philippines

Baras Bird Sanctuary

This bird sanctuary is located in Tacurong City in Sultan Kudarat. For the record, this place is a home for seven bird species including the Balck Crown Night Heron, the Intermediate Egret, and the Great Egret. If you would ask if these birds are being locked out for tourists’ pleasure, the place will prove you wrong as the birds come and go whenever they want. Until now, the mystery is unsolved as to why these birds chose this farm to be their permanent sanctuary.

Baras Bird Sanctuary


Kalamansig is a first class municipality and is one of the top tourist spots in Sultan Kudarat. This municipality houses six stunning islands–Balet Island being the largest. In this place, you get to witness a rich marine biodiversity with several known sea treasures such as turtles, seashells, and sea cucumbers. If you are a watcher, you will get to see dolphins and blue whales paving their way from deep ocean to the very mouth of the sea.

Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol

One of the best attractions you will witness in Sultan Kudarat is their grand provincial capitol inspired by Moro. It is a governmental site for government officials including the province’s governor and vice governor. It is buil with a whitewashed theme and a big golden dome in the middle of the building. The interesting architectural design will make you feel like you are in a foreign palace.

Marguez Hot and Cold Spring

Looking for a place for relaxation but tired of beaches and sands? Marguez Hot and Cold Spring is one of the top tourist spots in Sultan Kudarat ready to satisfy your pool cravings! The spring is actually blended in the forest making it look like you are in a man-made home amidst the wilderness. The fee is minimal plus you get to enjoy the hymns of the green trees and birds around.

Balut Island in Kalamansig

Balut Island is one of the irresistible islands in Kalamansig. With the crystal blue waters and coconut trees lined up like soldiers, this place will welcome you with awe. The place is simple and quiet. If you are looking for a home in the middle of the province’s first class municipality, this destination is your best pick.

Marawir Peak

Who won’t get excited by a steep peak standing in Esperanza, Sulan Kudarat? Marawir Peak is definitely a must-climb point in this province. By climbing the said tourist spot, you will get to watch over the nearby farms and villages during the day while during the night, you can enjoy star gazing and camping.

How to get to Sultan Kudarat

The province of Sultan Kudarat does not have a commercial airport. The closest airport is in General Santos City. From Gensan, you can already take a bus or a van to Tacurong City. If you plan to go to Kalamansig, it is recommended that you fly to Cotabato City and take a van from there to Kalamansig.

Alternatively, you can also fly to Davao and take a bus or van from there to Sultan Kudaray.


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