Top Tourist Spots in Southern Leyte [And How To Get There]

Southern Leyte is a province where you can find several marine sanctuaries such as Tagbak and Napantao. Apart from islands and seas, you will get the chance to walk on the dark passages of the province’s large cage system with different mineral formations inside. If you want to capture the panoramic view from the highest bridge in the country, here’s your guide to the top tourist spots in Southern Leyte.

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Southern Leyte, Philippines

Limasawa Island

Limasawa Island is never going to be just a typical island. It is located in the municipality of Limasawa where the first Christian Mass in the land of Asia was held. Speaking of this small yet beautiful paradise, it has a unique shoreline with big and exotic rock formations. You will find yourself mesmerized as the small waves crash with the rock formations just along the shoreline of the beach.

Limasawa Island
Limasawa Island Lagoon

Agas-Agas Bridge

Have you been in the tallest bridge in the Philippines? If not, you are yet to experience the combination of excitement and fear as you stand on Agas-Agas Bridge in Brgy. Kahupian, Sogod in Southern Leyte. It is one of the top tourist spots in Souther Leyte attracting more and more tourists while giving way for those driving along the Maharlika Highway.

Maasin Cathedral

Before you start or before you end your trip in Southern Leyte, make sure to drop by the sacred church known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption of Maasin. This church was built in 17th century and since then holding a significant portion in the history of the city. If you are interested to visit this holy place, you can get a ride from any point of the country to Hinunangan.

Cambaro Caves

Make sure to bring your flashlights as you enter the Cambaro caves in Molopolo. It is a great alternative if you are tired of sea adventures as you will discover solid mineral formations during your cave trip. It is believed that Cambaro is the Cave Capital of Southern Leyte because it houses hundreds of caves, some are yet to be found. For a safe trip, explore the caves with trained and knowledgeable tour guides.

Guinsohotan Cave

As you hike on the way to Guinsohotan Cave, you will pass by Guinsohotan Falls. You can enjoy your nature time in this falls before then prepare yourself to trek upstream to access the entrance of the cave. Guinsohotan Cave is actually one of the top tourist spots in Southern Leyte as you will discover hidden gems inside it.

Tagbak Marine Park

Tagbak Marine Park, located in the municipality of Liloan, is the best viewpoint in the province. Once you get here, you will surely enjoy seeing the crystal blue waters, inlets, and mangroves surrounding the nearby islands. You will also get a chance to ride on a boat and explore the vast sea.

Napantao Marine Sanctuary

Last but not least is Napantao Marine Sanctuary. This destination is not just a home for marine species but also a great spot for those who are looking forward to scuba diving and swimming.

How to get to Southern Leyte

There is currently no commercial airport in Southern Leyte. the closest airport is in Ormoc and Tacloban. From these two cities, you can take a bus or van to get to the towns and cities of Southern Leyte like Maasin and Sogod. There are also buses that travel from Manila and Davao to Southern Leyte. Regular ferries from Cebu are also available. Check out the schedule of ferry and bus trips below:

Manila to Sogod bus schedule

Davao to Tacloban/Manila/Ormoc bus schedule which will pass by Southern Leyte

Cebu to Maasin ferry schedule


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