Top Tourist Spots in South Cotabato [And How To Get There]

South Cotabato is a haven of waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and mountains. It is known as the “Land of the Dreamweavers” since the T’Boli tribe, who specializes in weaving, originated and live here. It is also a province where you can find the Tuna Capital of the Philippines–the General Santos City. This place is truly a nature’s home.

Top Tourist Spots in South Cotabato

Must-visit tourist spots in South Cotabato, Philippines

Lake Sebu

“A bowl of forests and mountains.” That’s how they described Lake Sebu in South Cotabato. With over 87,000 population, this municipality attracts more and more tourists every day. This is a town where you will find the most amazing falls, springs, rivers, and lakes in the province. About 7 total waterfalls can be found in this town, the water originating from Lake Seloton and Lake Sebu.

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Mount Matutum

If you’re looking for some physical activities, Mount Matutum is one of the top tourist spots in South Cotabato. This is a must-visit destination if you want a more natural experience. To protect this natural paradise, the government has built an ecotourism place within the vicinity of the mountain to make hiking as a regular activity.

Mount Matutum | Photo by Engr. Mervin Martinez Gonzales under creative commons

Gensan City Fish Port

The Fish Port in Gensan City is kind of unique if you compare it to other tourist destinations. There’s nothing much about this place except big tunas. Gensan City is known as the Tuna Capital of the Philipines, no doubt why it is called as such because of tons of fishes being caught here in just one catch.

Gensan City Fish Port
Gensan City Fish Port

Seven Falls

Located in Lake Sebu, you will find Seven Falls Zip Line Adventure as the most fascinating tourist attraction in South Cotabato. By visiting this place, you will have the chance to try the highest zip line in the country while watching over the 7 majestic falls of the town.

Seven Falls

Lake Holon

Lake Holon is situated in T’Boli and is one of the top tourist spots in South Cotabato. Tourists go to this lake for fun hiking and calm mornings. It is true that the ambiance here is so calm that you wouldn’t want to home even after the sun sets. This destination will not only give you a perfect lake view but would also bring out the hiker in you as you walk along either of the Salacafe and Tule trails.

Lake Holon | Photo by Noriah Jane Lambayan under creative commons

Lang Dulay Tnalak Weaving Center

South Cotabato is also popular for T’nalak weavings. In fact, one of the National Living Treasure Awardee, Lang Dulay, lives here. This weaving center serves as a tourist spot where you can watch the members of the tribe weave their clothing and if you get lucky, you would be able to try weaving with them.

Lang Dulay Tnalak Weaving Center

Surallah Tri-People Monument

Last but not least is the Surallah Tri-People Monument, an artwork dedicated to the tri-people of Mindanao. It represents the Lumads (Indigenous People), Christians, and Muslims.

Surallah Tri-People Monument

How to get to South Cotabato

General Santos City is the gateway to Cotabato City. Flights from Manila and other key cities are available on a daily basis. From General Santos City, you can easily get around the porovince by taking a bus or a van to other towns and cities like Koronadal, Lake Sebu, etc. General Santos is also a 3-hour bus away from Davao City. Check the bus and boat schedule below so you can plan ahead if you are traveling by land or sea.

Bus schedule from Davao to Gensan and vice-versa

Boat schedule from Davao to Gensan

Schedule of ferry from Manila to Gensan

Boat schedule from Iloilo to Gensan

Ferry schedule from Zamboanga to Gensan


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