Top Tourist Spots in Masbate [And How To Get There]
Top Tourist Spots in Masbate

I’d venture a guess — if you’re planning a bucket list of Philippine travel destinations, there’s a good chance Masbate isn’t even in the top 10. The province is not well-known as a tourist destination, but it’s a shining jewel just awaiting discovery! These destinations would prove it.

Top Tourist Spots in Masbate
Top Tourist Spots in Masbate

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Masbate, Philippines

Ticao Island

If you’re looking for one of those untouched islands that hide surprises in its nooks and crannies, Ticao is a good bet. Raw and beautiful, the island hasn’t been highly industrialized compared to more famous ones. Another tourist spot in Masbate is the Guinlatayan Rock Formation, which is a crag that looks like a pile of books placed against the island. There’s also Catandayagan Falls, which is what they call a tidefall or a coastal waterfall. This means the water empties straight into the sea, making it a rare sight.

Ticao Island, Masbate
Ticao Island, Masbate

Nature lovers would also find their place in the island, as it is known for its conservation drive covering manta rays and the Visayan warty pig, the latter of which is critically endangered! There are also mangroves, fireflies, and more.

Burias Island

This is likely to ring a bell, since it is one of the most famous tourist spots in Masbate. It sports beautiful beaches, and a tranquil environment that will appeal to those looking to get away from the urban bustle. To get the best of Burias, head over to San Pascual, a coastal town where you can enjoy white sand beaches bordering the Sibuyan Sea. The unspoiled tourists attractions of the various islets around it (Tinalisayan, Sombrero, Ambulong) along with the land-bound destinations such as San Pascual Church and the Balinsasayaw House, make for a great day trip.

Halea Nature Park Lagoon

This is located in Monreal, which is also part of Ticao island. It is one of the best-kept tourist spots in Masbate, with the secret cove at the back of the park showing not only Nature’s rough-hewn and stunning beauty but also the locale’s marine biodiversity. You have to charter a local boat to get here, but the travel time is an excursion in itself — the blue water and emerald islets surrounding you feel like something straight out of El Nido! Just make sure to bring something for when you get wet, as the waves can get a bit rowdy during the trip. [Check out our DIY Travel Guide to Masbate]

Halea Nature Park
Halea Nature Park | Photo by Ruel Canonigo/Edss Tolentino

Buntod Marine Reef Sanctuary

Less than half an hour away from the airport, this definitely deserves a spot in your itinerary. It’s also close to the city, but it’s secluded enough to give beachgoers a private time. The sanctuary spans 250 hectares, and offers a huge variety of sea life from various crabs and schools of fish to colorful corals and shells. The low tide here is a must see, with the golden sand bar and the dwarf mangroves.

Buntod Marine Reef Sanctuary
Buntod Marine Reef Sanctuary | Photo by Ruel Canonigo/Edss Tolentino

Palani White Beach

Those on the endless hunt for white-sand beaches will love Palani. Located in Balud, the place lies in that sweet spot between being an undiscovered gem and being a highly-developed attraction like Boracay. There are a few resorts along the stretch, with a stretch of huts along the powdery sand. But there are no wild parties, no boisterous noise — just a peaceful and mesmerizing view!

Bugui Point Lighthouse

If you’re up for a little hike, this historic point in the town of Aroroy is a good spot. Constructed in the early 1900s, the lighthouse has been renovated for tourism. But you can still see the gray rocks of the old structure, amidst the ruins of Spanish-era residences around the 15-meter tall structure. The place is partly neglected, but it exudes that somber and nostalgic feeling.

These tourist spots in Masbate are just the beginning of your discovery of a new facet of the Philippines. So pack those bags and go!

How to get to Masbate

There is now a direct flight between Manila and Masbate City. The flights are still limited so most people still opt to take the boat from Sorsogon. If you prefer to take a bus from Manila, you can take a bus from Cubao or Alabang and head your way to Masbate via Pilar Port in Sorsogon. The travel time is around 18 hours.


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