Cebu to Catbalogan: 2019 Boat Schedule and Fare

Schedule of ferry trips from Cebu City to Catbalogan City and from Catbalogan to Cebu in the Philippines. Last updated on July 14, 2019.

Traveling between Cebu and Samar by boat is pretty convenient. There is a regular boat that services between Cebu City and Catbalogan City. The fare is affordable and relatively cheaper compared to the cost of airfare. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Northern Samar]

Cebu to Catbalogan 2019 Boat Schedule and Fare
Cebu to Catbalogan 2019 Boat Schedule and Fare

Schedule of boat trips from Cebu to Catbalogan via Roble Shipping

7:00 PM (Every Monday & Thursday)

Schedule of boat trips from Catbalogan City to Cebu via Roble Shipping

7: 00 PM (Every Tuesday & Friday)

Passenger Fare rates

AccommodationRegular FareMinor (-50%)Sr Citizen (-20%)Student (-15%)
VIPP 2,000.00Not EligibleP 1,428.75Not Eligible
CabinP 1,000.00P 500.00P 714.50Not Eligible
BusinessP 850.00P 425.00P 607.25Not Eligible
Tourist ClassP 775.00P 387.50P 553.75P 658.75
EconomyP 700.00P 350.00P 500.00P 595.00
Sitting (Chance Passenger)P 625.00Not EligibleP 446.50P 531.25


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  1. I am asking for the schedule cebu to catbalogan what is your schedule? Thanks

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