Going North: Best Beach Resorts in La Union

If you’re into surfing and beaches, you might want to check out the surfing capital of Northern Philippines, La Union! La Union (also popularly known as ELYU) is located in Northern Luzon, around 4 hours of travel time from Manila. It is not only famous for its beaches and surfing, but also for its peaceful ambiance and strong local culture. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in La Union]

La Union
La Union | Photo by Edss Tolentino

La Union also offers other attractions aside from its beaches. Among them are the Ma Cho Temple, Pindangan Ruins, and the Arosip Ecotrail if you’re into nature exploration.

If you’re there for the surf, it’s advised you go there on the months of October until March, when the waves really ride! But where will you stay once you arrived there? To that, we picked the 5 best beach resorts in La Union. These resorts are simply the best, so let’s go and check ‘em out!

Aureo Hotels and Resorts

Do you want a grand villa-style of a resort? Then, look no further than Aureo Resort.

Located at a beachfront of San Fernando City, La Union, Aureo Resort offers wide space for visitors. They have a big pool and a garden, and you can also use the beach on the side. The best part? They have big, luxurious rooms that you’ll surely enjoy.

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Address: San Francisco, San Fernando, La Union, Philippines

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Some special treats are even offered for you by their cafe, restaurant, and bar. Don’t miss this first-class resort. Visit Aureo Hotels and Resorts!

Kahuna Hotel, Cafe and Restaurant

If you’re a surfer, or simply want to enjoy the rolling waves of the beach, then Kahuna Resort might be for you! Located strategically in San Juan, La Union, where the waves crash the most, this is very ideal for surfers regardless of your surfing level.

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Address: Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, Philippines

*One of Agoda’s best-seller hotels

But even non-surfers can enjoy their place. They have villas that peer directly into the ocean. They also have a pool if you want more peaceful swimming.

China Sea Beach Resort

Located in Bauang, La Union, this beach resort if you’re looking for simple but fun-filled activities. It is even noted as one of the best beach resorts in La Union for its worthwhile activities to try.

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Address: Paringao, Bauang, La Union, Philippines

China Sea Beach Resort has a pool inside, but you can use the beach for surfing, kayaking, and snorkelling. Other activities can also be arranged here such as biking, mountain hiking, and waterfalls trip.

P and M Final Option Beach Resort

If you want another simple resort, then Final Option Beach Resort is for you!

Simple as it is, it’s a well-known resort with high reviews. One of the things that separate P and M from the ones listed above are its activities. You can do exceptional experience in kayaking, boating (fishing), paddle board, and of course, surfing!

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Address: 320 Eagle Street Ili Norte, San Juan, La Union, Philippines

Check out our review of P and M Final Option Beach Resort

This is also a perfect resort if you simply want to chill out at night while having a simple and quiet ambiance.

Isla Bonita Beach Resort

If you really just want the typical beach resort – white sand, with multiple flags of different colors, and surfing (of course!) – then you might consider Isla Bonita Resort. Bring your friends to have fun at this resort! Run, play sports, swim and snorkel at the beach. On whatever month you wish to enjoy surfing, Isla Bonita Beach Resort will always be the best place to explore.

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Address: 117, Velasco Street, Ili Sur, San Juan, La Union, Philippines

Indeed, La Union is truly not a typical spot for beaches. With its culture and ambiance, followed by the different resorts it offers, the beautiful province should be included in your bucket list!


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