8 Things To Do In Pai, Thailand
Things To Do In Pai, Thailand

Do you ever visit a place that leaving seems to be the hardest thing to do? This is how Pai in the Northern part of Thailand makes tourists feel whenever their departure time comes.

Things To Do In Pai, Thailand
Pai Canyon | Photo by Visions of Dominounder creative commons

Nestled 135 kilometers from Chiang Mai, a 3-hour drive and encountering 762 curves in the beautiful mountains is the charming town of Pai. It is surrounded by the intense beauty of nature- the blue sky, forests, rolling hills, and rice fields. Surprisingly, the town has a lot of boutique shops, restaurants, and cafes too!

Here are 8 of the most exciting things to do in Pai Thailand:

#1 – Take a Hike to Pai Canyon

Enjoy the 360-degree views of the countryside as you climb up to the best peak of this picturesque canyon with orange soil and red ridges.  Wait for the sunset and witness the spectacular array of colors in the sky.

#2 – Visit the White Buddha (Wat Phra That Mae Yen)

To reach the top of the hill where the famous White Buddha sits, you need to climb up 353 steps. But, the panoramic view is worth the sacrifice. Be sure to catch the sunset when you visit this place to enjoy the epic view of the changing colors of the entire valley. It is a sacred religious spot so be sure to take off your shoes when you reach the top and cover your shoulders and knees.

#3 – Soak in the Hot Springs

Relax your weary limbs in any of Pai’s natural hot springs. The best and the least expensive is the Sai Ngam. For only 40 Bhat, you will enjoy the soothing water of the spring after lathering mud in your entire body. The practice softens your skin complexion. Another great place to visit is the Thai Pai Hot Springs. It has a cold-water stream that flows over hot rocks, creating a heated pool that is so relaxing.

#4- Head on to the Waterfalls

Your list of things to do in Pai Thailand should include chasing the waterfalls, especially the Mo Paeng Waterfall, Pam Bok Waterfall, and Mae Yen Waterfall. Those who love a challenge, Mae Yen is a great choice. To reach this hidden waterfall, you need to cross a river more than 45 times and hike for about 3 hours through the jungle. And while traversing the path, you may encounter some water buffalo.

#5- Take a Walk to Pai Memorial Bridge

This historical bridge is also called the World War II Bridge. It was originally constructed by the local Thai and POWs as a wooden bridge during the invasion of the Japanese Imperial troops. When it was burnt down in 1944, the Thais reconstructed the bridge as a memorial to this significant piece of history.

#6- Check out the Unique Cafes

Dedicate time to explore all the pretty cafes in the roadside and in town. Aside from serving delicious coffee, pastries, and foods, each of them has unique decors from cutesy themes to stylish designer looks.

#7- Have fun at the Walking Street of Pai

At 4:00 PM up to 11:00 PM, this main street of Pai is transformed into a big night market where you will enjoy shopping souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, and herbal remedies. With lots of delectable foods and beverages, the street becomes a culinary haven of noodle soups, chai tea, bruschetta, falafel, samosas, and a whole lot more.

#8- Go Piranha Fishing

Catch your first piranha at the Piranha Fishing Park. You pay for the period you stay and the workers will teach you how to catch piranhas from the man-made lakes.

Be prepared for more things to do in Pai Thailand when you arrive. Going around is more exciting if you know how to ride a motor or a scooter, which is the common way to tour this must-visit town of Thailand.


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