5 Wildest Things To Do In Krabi Thailand
things to do in krabi

What is the first thing that pops up on your mind when you hear about Krabi Thailand? Krabi is a province on the west coast side of Thailand that is naturally rich with islands, limestone cliffs, and mangrove forests. In this place, you won’t have to worry if there are any dull moments because Krabi covers the large area in Thailand with irresistible attractions.

things to do in krabi
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On this list, it is not just about eating new type of cuisines, but you will learn different wild things to do in Krabi Thailand great for a three day of excursions in the country.

Climb limestone cliffs, Railay Beach.

Accessible by boat, Railay beach is not an ordinary place where the only thing you can do is swim in turquoise water. This beach brings you an extraordinary world where as tourists, you can do activities that you have never done before all in one place like basking in the sun, swimming in the clear water, enjoying the pure fine white sand but also, you can climb up the limestone cliff! Railay Beach allows you to enjoy pure nature without any loud car horns and buses, it’s only accessible by long tail boats.

Have the pure bliss you deserve, Emerald Pool.

In the midst of overcrowded resorts in Thailand, you must find the Emerald Pool situated inside the Pra-Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary. As soon as you arrive, just follow the nature trails through the forest and you will find the hidden gem waiting for you to be discovered. If you want to keep your worries shut for the meantime, go to a place where no one knows anything about you just pure bliss, going to the Emerald Pool is definitely for you.

Walk up to 1,237 steps, Wat Tham Sua.

To reach the Wat Tham Sua or the Tiger Cave Temple in English, you have to take 1,237 steps. There are several icons, relics, large golden statue of Buddha that can be found in this sightseeing spot, and while you’re in the temple’s summit, enjoy a bird’s eye view of Krabi. This is by far one of thewildest things to do in Krabi Thailand, it may seem overwhelming to take the 1,237 steps but when you reach the top, everything is worth it!

Discover a new passion, Koh Klang.

Koh Klang is excessively different from your perspective about an island. In this place, you will learn the locals’ culture as well as their way of life. Instead of fine white sands and coconut trees, Koh Klang is a fishing community where you can learn agricultural work like capturing shellfish, crabs and fishes. By taking the time to connect with the villagers, this may help you to come up with a business or sudden change of career path when you go back to your place with all the learnings you’ve gained from the villagers.  

Feel the thrill, Hollow Mountain

One of the best things to do in Krabi Thailand is to get off your feet and feel the thrill as you ride the Emperor swing in Hollow Mountain. Labeled as one of the extreme adventure parks in Southeast Asia, guests should be 21 years old and above with weight of not more than 100kg to participate in this activity. Emperor swing is set 100 meters above the floor and 120 meters long and you have to endure the 30-meter free fall to start.

Are you up for these challenges? It always seems impossible until you push yourself to try these new things to do in Krabi Thailand, after trying them all out, you will never have any regrets at all!


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