5 Best Things to Do in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Miles from mainland Thailand, Koh Phangan Island is a remote island that is known for its serene beaches and monthly full moon festivities. We have listed the 5 best things to do in Koh Phangan so you can fully enjoy your stay at the island!

Koh Phangan | Photo by: Patrik Axelsson under creative commons

Attend the Full Moon Party

This suggestion can be found in other travel articles but the festivities are just too good to pass up. Time your trip to enjoy the party at Haad Rin Beach which gathers around 4,000 people. Drink the night away while the glowing moon illuminates the pristine water and white sand.

The party can be described as a mix of many smaller parties. There are international DJs coming in and local bands to fascinate the tourists.

Rent a Motorcycle and Tour the Island

Some of us like to adventure solo. There is just something poetic and novel experiencing the island on your own. What you do is rent a motorbike from the locals (some shops have bike rental services) then drive away.

We recommend driving the Mae Hong Son Loop which is a converge of roads that ultimately lead to the city proper. It is literally a path less travelled since some roads are too small for cars and trucks. For anyone looking to reflect and seek deeper introspection, this is an activity we highly recommend.

Dine at Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar

As the late Anthony Bourdain showed in his shows, the best way to know an island and its locals are to eat their food.

Offering fresh seafood cooked into classic dishes or fusion twists, the Fisherman’s Restaurant Bar is located at Ban Tai pier. It is one of the island’s main ports so you know only fresh seafood is served here.

This is a place where you can gather with your friends or family after a long day exploring the beaches and waters as suggested by our next recommended activity.

Swim at All the Beaches on the Island

As an island, you can always go swimming in the clear waters of this Island. There is a lot of beaches and resorts for you to explore one by one. We recommend going to the Malibu Beach for their majestic gardening and pearly white sand and the Haad San for its remote location making it a “secret island.”

Enjoy Kayaking, Diving, and Fishing

Go diving to see the corals and its inhabitants, go kayaking to see all the island, go fishing to get your own catch and cook it, and many more.

There are many things to do in Koh Phangan that will suit everyone. Make sure you plan ahead to make an excellent itinerary. This is an island where you can have the absolute and genuine experience of living by the sea. Any other beach trips after this will fall flat!


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