5 Best Beach Resorts in Subic You Can Enjoy!

Subic is a coastal town in Zambales known for its white-sand beaches and lush rainforest. It is considered as one of the favorite summer destinations in the Philippines, both by the locals and tourists. Why so? It’s because of the beautiful sceneries and fun-filled activities that only this place can offer!

Best Beach Resorts in Subic
Subic Bay | Photo by Jopet Sy under creative commons

Still undecided where to stay this summer? We got you covered! We have picked out the 5 best beach resorts in Subic. These resorts don’t just offer a comfortable room to stay in, but also provide perfect activities and amenities for all seasons.

Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel

Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel is for everyone who wants to enjoy the serenity of nature and exciting water activities. You can do kayaking, snorkelling, diving, and even bay cruising in their sparkling aqua blue beach water. The place never sleeps as you can also party with friends at one of their cabanas at night.

The best part? You can experience a luxurious living and a bay view with their rooms. Get out of the city life in a while and enjoy nature with Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel.

Mango’s Beachfront Resort

If you’re into night outs, partying, barbequing and grilling, Mango’s Resort is definitely for you! They have all the stuff for all night out seekers like night clubs and 24-hour restaurants to enjoy the cold late night breeze.

They’re also located at a beachfront, so feel free to take a walk while enjoying the sound of the waves. Romantic, isn’t it?

Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa

Although Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa has a more peaceful and quieter ambiance, it never comes last with its luxurious experience.

This is a perfect spot for those looking for a place to unwind. They have native house spas if you want to flex your body or opt to have a relaxing whole body massage. But, they also offer room service to keep you relaxed inside your own comfortable room!

Mangrove Resort Hotel

Perfect for the whole family, this ala mansion resort has a lot of excitement waiting for you. You can enjoy the pool, go kayaking, swimming at the beach, or even go for a jet ski ride! Well, these are just a few things you can do at Mangrove Resort as you can also try paddleboarding and even banana boating!

As for the rooms, whether you go in 2 persons or 4, they’re always wide and spacious! Don’t miss this big resort and visit the Mangrove Resort Hotel.

White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel

Those who spend their vacation in groups always prefer White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel. They have a waterpark with inflatable slides, trampoline, and bridges that all ages can enjoy.

You can also see flowers and butterflies in their peaceful outdoor garden. Apart from that, you can also have a taste of the food served in their restaurant. Just delightful and affordable!

Regardless of what activities you wish to enjoy, you can guarantee that there are different best beach resorts in Subic that will make your vacation worthwhile and unforgettable!


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