5 Best Beach Resorts in Bantayan You Should Visit

When everybody is going to Boracay or Siargao, you may want to consider being different and go to Bantayan Island. Its beaches have pearly white sands, deep blue waters, while its restaurants offer a variety of cuisines to choose from. Apart from that, the best beach resorts in Bantayan where you can stay in are noted by its world-class services and amenities. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Cebu]

Best Beach Resorts in Bantayan You Should Visit
Bantayan Island

Hence, if you are decided to visit the island, here’s a compilation of the 5 best beach resorts in Bantayan so that you can plan your trip properly. Read up then gear up!

Kota Beach Resort

First on the list is one of the more luxurious resorts in Bantayan which is Kota Beach Resort. Its rooms and facilities look contemporary yet classic and designed with comfort and security in mind. You can choose from their Beachfront Suite, Beachfront Cottage, Deluxe Cottage, or Standard Aircon Room.

They offer renting bicycles, motorbikes, or small boats if you and your friends want to explore the island on your own. Aside from that, they have many activities such as wine tasting, kite surfing, and even fishing immersion.

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Anika Island Resort

For those planning to hold a small event in Bantayan, Anika Island Resort should be your first choice. Their halls are for intimate events so you and your group will feel exclusive on the island.

Aside from the usual amenities, they have free Wi-Fi connection in all public areas, a laundry service, and safety deposit boxes. Their Chloe Cafe offers a wide array of cuisine, each its highest quality. We cannot recommend enough dining there. You have to experience it yourself.

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Amihan Beach Cabanas

The Amihan Beach Cabanas is known for its world-class resort experience with their locally-made cabanas and a touch of western design. The cabanas’ overall structure makes you feel like having a vacation abroad just inside your own country!

They also offer rooms where you can enjoy a sea view while eating fresh Filipino and some continental cuisine for breakfast. Most dishes are even served with locally-sourced ingredients!

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Ogtong Cave Resort

Located in Santa Fe, the Ogtong Cave Resort is a to-go choice for travelers due to its rich-packed activities. The resort has an underground cave where you can enjoy swimming, a restaurant which offers various Asian delicacies, and a garden landscape where you can sit and reflect. It also takes pride in their seascape view that you never want to miss taking a photo of!

The resort is very ideal for visitors who want to relax and unwind. There are a lot of corners where you can just sit and relax or read book or just stare at the garden or the ocean or listen to the birds chirping.

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La Playa Estrella Beach Resort

In case you are traveling in a large group and want a flexible room arrangement, La Playa Estrella Beach Resort has many rooms to fit your needs. They have a Deluxe Room, Premier Room, Barkada Room, Premier Room with Twin Bed, Family Room, and a Beachfront Room.

Noted as one of the best beach resorts in Bantayan, this resort is also located at the heart of the island which allows you to explore the island’s other destinations. It is also good for those who want to do more things outside the resort and discover new activities on their own.

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