4 Best Things to Do in General Santos City

At the southernmost point of the country is General Santos City: home to bountiful waters and delectable fish.

The city is known to be the Tuna Capital of the Philippines since it is the largest producer of sashimi-grade tuna. You can expect restaurants here are doing their best to make the most out of their seafood. It is also the hometown of lawmaker and boxing legend Manny Pacquiao.

Things to Do in General Santos City
Gensan Fish Port Complex at Sunrise

We have listed the 4 best things to do in General Santos City so you can plan your trip better!

Visit the Fish Port Complex

Start your trip by visiting what can be considered the essence of General Santos City: their seafood industry.

The 32-hectare complex located at Brgy. Tambler serves as both a public market and docking of fishing and transportation boats. It is home to at least 8,000 workers and is one of the 7 tuna processing plants in the Philippines.

Gensan Fish Port Complex
Gensan Fish Port Complex

The place is a good start to your trip since you can buy fresh tuna and have it cooked to your choice of dish. With the banters and sales talks between the fishermen and locals, the place is as local and genuine as it gets.

Gensan Fish Port Complex
Gensan Fish Port Complex

Explore Kalaja Cave

What may seem a mysterious site is actually one of the lesser know adventure spots in the city. Kalaja Cave contains “million years old” karst formations and a 3-meter deep lake inside.

However, you will first endure a 90-minute trek before getting to the entrance of the cave which runs for at least 207 kilometers. It was where the Japanese soldiers fought for the last time as World War II was nearing to its end.

For climbers out there, the Malokong Wall is found at the vicinity of the cave which offers climbing routes for beginner and intermediate climbers.

Hike Sanchez Peak

For those looking to insert a day hike in their itinerary, Sanchez Peak is the right mountain for you.

The mountain has an elevation of approximately 250 meters above sea level. While trekking to the top, you can have a view of Sarangani Bay.

There are three known trails to the top which are Balakayo, Balsinang, and Tukanop trail. One of our editors took the latter trail since it is visited by lesser hikers, has a water supply, and is more challenging than the others.

On top of Sanchez Peak or Balakayo mountain are nipa huts which hikers can rest and eat.

Stay at the Watergran Beach Resort

For those travelling with their family and children, you can swim and dine at the Watergran Beach Resort at Brgy. Bawing. Our personal travel experiences in the city also recommend this one of the best things to do in General Santos City.

There are multiple pools and a beach for everyone to enjoy. The cabana-styled lodging one of our writers stayed at was cozy, clean, and secure. The food and service here are excellent too. Enjoy classic local cuisine and various types of tuna dishes.

The resort at night gives this festival vibes due to the dim orange lights, the many activities here and there, the bustling people drinking and laughing, and the sound of the waves telling you to take a quick dip.


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